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The Episode starts with Mamta and Dadu seeing Suhani drunk while Ranveer is bringing her inside. Dadu asks what happened to Suhani? Mamta reminds him that he is acting to have hairline fracture. Dadu goes to room. Asha asks Ansh not to drag Suhani to get his rights. Ansh says he has to sacrifice her to win the chess. Ranveer takes Suhani inside and makes her sit on the sofa. Mamta asks why is she behaving this way. Suhani asks hello, how are you? Ranveer says I understood that this is Ansh’s doing, he made her drunk. Mamta goes to bring lemon water for her. Ranveer asks Suhani to tell that Ansh made her drunk forcibly. Suhani says wrong, and says you are responsible for my condition and not Ansh. She says I am very upset and angry with you, I don’t want to see your face, but when you are not infront of me, I miss you very much. She says I haven’t forgotten you, so how I will miss you. She says I see you when I close my eyes and open my eyes. She says I see you all the time, everywhere…only you. She says I will not let you ruin alone, if you are ruined, then I will be ruined. She says we both will be ruined together. Ranveer hears her and says you will not be ruined, did you forget that you are my responsibility and I will not let you ruin. Suhani says if you are ruined then your Ms. Zimmedari is also ruined, we both are ruined. He nods no.


Mamta comes there and asks Suhani to drink lemon water and says you will not be drowsy. Suhani hugs her and says I will not drink. Ranveer asks her to drink, and says you will feel good. Suhani asks really and asks him to drink it. He is about to taste it, when Dadu calls asking what is happening. Ranveer tells Mamta that he will go and check on Dada ji. Mamta says she will check him and asks Ranveer to be with Suhani. Suhani asks Ranveer to taste it, and says then only I will drink. Ranveer tastes it and makes her drink lemon water. Sirf tum plays…..Suhani smiles and looks at him. She asks why you didn’t come at the mandap, I was waiting for you. She says you didn’t come, and asks why? She says I was waiting for you and faints. Ansh hears everything and thinks Ranveer will go to any extent to get Suhani, and will do some mistake which will take me near my aim. Dadu comes out and pretends to take Mamta’s help. Ranveer asks why did you come here? Dadu asks what happened to her. Ranveer looks at Suhani’s mobile on the floor and Ansh is on the call. He ends the call. Ansh gets upset. Dadu says marriage is such a bad thing, this simple girl is doing strange things in drunkard state. Mamta says she must not be aware, where is she? Suhani gains consciousness and comes back to her senses. She remembers Ansh making her drunk. Ranveer asks are you fine? Mamta asks her to drink the juice. Suhani takes a sip and says I am sorry, I didn’t know what I did in drunkard state. She apologizes to them. Mamta says not a problem.

Suhani tells Ranveer that may be I did a big mistake by coming here, in drunkard state. She says so much happened with me since 3 days, you didn’t come to mandap and I was married to Ansh and the bad behavior. She says now I got the solution for my problem, whenever I feel sad or hurt, I will drink wine. Ranveer says no, you will not touch the wine. Suhani says you are stopping me, who drank wine and let me became of someone else. She says your wine has pushed me into the hell, and I will use it to come out of the problem. Ranveer says wine is not a good thing, it is bad and is not solution for any problem. Suhani says if wine is bad, then why do you drink? Dadu asks Ranveer to prove that he can leave drinking wine. Suhani says Ranveer will never leave wine, as it is very dear to him. Ranveer says it is never dear to me, as ……

He keeps his hand on Dadu and Mamta’s heads and swears that if you never drink, then I will also not drink. Suhani smiles and keeps her hand on his head. She says I will never look or touch wine. Mamta recalls her words that Suhani can only handle him. She hugs Suhani happily. Ranveer hugs Dadu. Suhani and Ranveer look at each other. Sirf tum plays…..


Ranveer is having noodles in Ansh’s house. Ansh says what is it that you come to my house often, this is called trespassing which is illegal. He says under section 441, you can have 2 years of imprisonment. Ranveer asks him to see in his mobile, if it is crime to make wife drunk at 2 am and sent to someone’s else. He says trespassing or forcing someone are both crimes. Ansh asks him to leave. Ranveer says I didn’t come to fight, but to thank you. Ansh asks why? Ranveer says I made the restaurant open in midnight and got the Chinese food made. He asks him to eat and says you gave me a good gift. Ansh asks what gift I have given you. Ranveer says you made Suhani drunk and sent her to my house. I realized seeing her drunk that wine is such a bad thing. He says he has left drinking wine now. Some guys come and asks where to install the CCTV cameras. Ranveer says everywhere in the house, specially in that room. Suhani says no CCTV will be installed here. Ansh says this is my house and not Ranveer’s house and asks them to leave. Ranveer says I have taken permission of your mother before coming here. Ansh asks where is my mother and grabs his collar.

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