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The Episode starts with Ranveer refusing to listen to Suhani and starts walking away. Suhani tries to go behind him and falls down. Rhea asks are you okay. Ranveer runs to Suhani and asks how did you fall down? He asks why can’t you take care of yourself. Suhani says I am fine. Rhea says Suhani got the sprained and asks her to try to stand. Suhani stands on her feet and falls. Ranveer holds her. They look at each other. He says you might make me fall down in your sight, but I won’t let you fall down. Rhea asks someone bring wheelchair. John brings it. Ranveer makes Suhani sit and asks Raghav to call OPD and say that it is emergency. Kamini and her daughter bring rocking chair to Rakesh’s house. Kamini says she has brought it as a gift for dadi. She makes Dadi sit on it. Dadi says I should have slapped you long back. Sudha asks when did you come? Kamini says I talked bad about Suhani so made food for everyone. Kamini’s daughter asks about Suhani. Sudha says she went to college to return Ranveer’s phone. Kamini smirks.


Ranveer and Rhea take Suhani to the OPD. Ranveer asks John and Raghav to bring first aid box. He sends Rhea to get icepack from canteen. Rhea goes. Ranveer sprays medicine on her foot and asks her not to panic and relax. She sees injury on his forehead. John and Raghav talk that Ranveer is panicking like he used to panic if anything happens to his mother Mamta. They tell that Suhani has become special for Ranveer. Ranveer asks them to bring something to eat. They go. Suhani sees blood falling down from his forehead and tells him. He says it is a small cut and will be fine. Suhani asks him to agree to her sayings. She cleans his injury. He acts to feel pain and says he was joking. She applies bandage to his injury. Ranveer says thank you doctor. He asks her to take the medicine and keep the leg elevated.

Mamta calls Ranveer and asks him to come to Dean’s cabin. He says ok. Suhani asks if he has to go. He says yes, but you. Suhani says nothing is important than a mother and asks him to go. Ranveer asks Rhea to take care of Suhani and goes.

He asks can I come in? Dean says this meeting will be incomplete without you. Mamta looks at Ranveer’s injury and asks about it. Ranveer says a big would be doctor have done the dressing. Mamta says I am here due to you. Dean asks Ansh about his mother. Ansh’s mother comes there. Mamta looks at her and gets shocked. Ansh’s mother also gets shocked. Dean asks her to come inside. Mamta also sits.


Dean complains to them about Ansh and Ranveer making his college as the battle ground and says that’s why college students are admitted in the hospital and not outside patients. He says if next time, this happens then. Ranveer says you don’t know the entire matter. Dean says I don’t want to know anything and asks him to say sorry and end the matter. Ranveer and Ansh refuse to apologize to each other. Ansh’s mother apologizes to Dean. Mamta asks Ranveer if he is apologizing and says then I shall say sorry. Ranveer says if your mother has to say sorry, then it is my defeat, and tells that he will face the punishment and embarrassment. Ranveer says I am sorry Sir. Dean says Ranveer and Ansh can go. They go.

Dean asks Mamta and Asha to make them understand that such behavior is not justified here, and says may be they can agree to you. Mamta goes from there. Asha looks at her and comes out. She calls her Mrs. Mamta Vikrant Oberoi. Mamta stops. Asha says when we met last time, we had promised not to see each other’s faces, but now our sons are studying together in the same college. She says Ranveer is having good manners and he told sorry to Ansh himself. She says he is 2 months elder than him. Mamta says Ansh is not related to Ranveer. Asha says both have same father’s blood. Mamta says my Ranveer believes on love relations, and not on blood relations. She asks her to ask her son to stay away from Ranveer. Asha says it is not in my hands to stop Ansh, he is a storm. Mamta says you have to stop yourself and your son. She says you have crossed the limits 25 years ago, now I will not let my son be the part of that mistake. Asha gets upset.

Ranveer and Rhea bring Suhani to her house in the former’s car. Sirf Tum plays…..Dadi asks Sudha to call Suhani and asks where is she? door bell rings then? Sudha opens the door and sees Ranveer and Rhea with Suhani. Sudha asks them to come inside. Rhea takes her inside. Dadi asks what happened? Kamini asks how did you break your foot? Suhani says it is a sprain. Ranveer asks them not to worry and says sprain and swelling will go in 2-3 days. He gives the medicines to Sudha and says keep the foot elevated. He says I shall leave now.


Precap: Suhani has pain in her foot. John informs Ranveer that Suhani haven’t come to the college. Ranveer takes ambulance to Suhani’s house to bring her to college with Sudha. he says he can bear any pain, but can’t bear her pain.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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