Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajendra convinces Badi Maa to let Simar stay in Oswal Mansion

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The Episode starts with Aarav asking goons to apologize to Simar and leave. The goon asks what do he wants to prove by saving a girl? Simar says today’s girl don’t need anyone to protect her, she can protect herself. The goon says you have so much attitude and asks how will you save yourself. Simar says shall I call your mother and sister here? The goon asks her not to talk about their mother and sister. She splashes mud in their eyes and run away. The goons wipe their eyes and tell that they will not leave the girl, now they came to know about their house also. Aarav hears them and comes to them. He starts beating them, and says a man is not the one, who teases or troubles her, but the man is the one who protects and saves her. He beats them and keeps his legs on the goon’s chest. The goon asks what is his problem? Aarav tells him that due to such men, our mother, sister and wife can’t be saved. Yamini Devi looks at Aarav and thinks he loves Simar very much. She comes to Simar and tells that she thought she will not return. Simar says just because Aarav is fighting with the goons. Yamini says Aarav has not just fought with the goons but also with the world for you. Simar says we had fought together, but he fought with me and told so much in anger. Yamini says men say anything in anger. Simar says his words can be justified just because he is a man, and says if I had told such things, then I will be forgiven. She says whatever he did was not anger, there is no justification for his behavior and asks her not to take his side. She says I know the truth. Yamini asks what about your relationship with him. Simar says we have gone far, but not separated, he is my husband and will always be. Aarav is fighting with the goons still. The goon asks Aarav, why did he beating them for a stranger girl? Aarav says she is my wife and asks them not to roam in that area again after today. They run away.


Simar prays to Mata Rani to calm down Aarav. She prays to Mata Rani that Gajendra Papa shall get well soon, and shall remember everything. Gajendra gets flashes of Giriraj trying to kill him, but it is blurred. He opens his eyes and says where is Aarav and Simar, call them, I want to talk to them. Nurse hears him.

Simar comes to Aarav and thanks him for fighting with the goons for her. Aarav gets a call and says Papa. Gajendra looks at all the family members and then looks at Giriraj. Simar and Aarav come there. Simar asks what happened Papa, are you fine? Aarav says we have come. Gajendra asks Simar to give her hand to him. He then holds Aarav’s hand. He says I want to tell you something, I remember that….He says you both are not together now. Simar and Aarav are shocked. Aarav asks who told this to you, can we separate? Gajendra says your reverse rounds had happened. Simar says you have regarded me as your daughter, how can anyone let me go without your consent. Gajendra asks Badi Maa, Sandhya and others if they had food. Simar says we had food with you. Everyone leave from there except Aarav and Simar. Gajendra asks them to sit with him. Aarav says we are with you. Gajendra sleeps. Aarav and Simar keep his hand on his chest. Aarav goes out from there.

Rajendra tells Badi Maa that Gajendra is critical and Simar shall be here in Oswal Mansion, for him. Badi maa asks what are you saying? Rajendra says didn’t you see Gajendra got better, just as Simar came here. Aarav says Simar will stay with us in Oswal Mansion. Rajendra says now I am assured, your decision is right and leaves. Badi Maa asks Aarav, why he has taken decision and with what relation, as a husband or son. He says for Papa’s health. Badi Maa asks him to remember this and not to let his heart overpower his mind, and says the girl whom we brought here as helplessness, knows to take advantage. Aarav says he will not let anyone take the advantage and will match his shoulders with hers (Badi Maa). Badi Maa says I will not let the time destroy our family. Aarav says Simar has come here for Papa and nothing else, I will make her understand. He holds her hand. Badi Maa goes. Aarav turns and looks at Simar standing behind him. Gajendra is still sleeping. Simar tells that she will sleep in hall. Aarav says we are doing this for Papa, if he comes out by chance, what we will tell him. He asks her to stay in his room. She says I can’t stay there. He says I will stay with Papa and will not come there, I am mentally tired and don’t have the strength to argue. Simar says ok and goes. She walks towards their room. Aarav opens the door. Simar recalls their moments and smiles. Aarav also recalls their moments and smiles. He looks at Simar and smiles. Mahiya plays……Simar also smiles looking at him.


No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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