Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Badi Maa gets shocker seeing Yamini with Aarav

Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Samar coming inside and seeing Mohit unconscious. He says whoever you are, you deserve this. He says Simar has given you the right punishment. He goes out and sits in the car. He tells Simar that he will say one thing, you have set an example for all inhuman people, and says I am proud of you and have grown respect for you more. He says Aarav can’t be involved in this, and asks who was that guy? He says we will talk later. He starts the car and leaves. Rana comes there with the goons and asks who has done this to Mohit. Mohit takes Simar’s name. Rana says I will drag Simar, Aarav and everyone on your feet and will not leave them alive. Chitra comes there and says time has come to make them shed blood tears etc.


Samar stops the car. Simar gets down and drinks water. Samar says he (Mohit) has done this for revenge and says we shall go to the PS and get him punished. He says we shall go. Simar says I have punished him for Aditi’s revenge, my revenge and all the girls’ revenge. She says I have rammed him under my feet and broke his ego. She says I am sure, that he will remember this thousand’s time before disrespecting any woman.

Aarav gets down at Oswal Mansion from Yamini’s car. Yamini also gets down and tells Aarav that his silence is more dangerous than his anger, and asks him to say what is in his heart. She says you might have thought something before challenging Avinash ji, and says it is impossible to stop this marriage as all Narayan family is infavour of Samar. Samar and Simar come home. Avinash asks Samar, he hopes that there is no doubt in his heart. Samar says I trust her fully and says there is nobody like Simar. He says I have understood that you both haven’t taken food. He asks them to have food, and says you will be Indu and Avi for me always. He serves the food in the plates, and asks them to have it. Avinash and Indu look at the leftover paratha in the plate and recalls his challenge.

Aarav says it is enough, now I don’t care. He says this time, I will not speak, but show. I will get what is mine, I am coming for my Simar. Indu says Samar has ignored so much for Simar, Aarav’s drama. She says Samar loves and respects a lot and shall get the marriage done at the earliest and says once they unite, the happiness will be doubled. Avinash says this marriage will happen at the earliest, I won’t let Aarav ruin Simar’s life again.


Badi Maa comes to the terrace and sees someone with Aarav. Yamini says Simar and you are made for each other, it is my blessings that you both will be together. She says it is enough of the test. Badi Maa sees Yamini as she moves a bit. Badi Maa is shocked and drops the pot in shock. She starts walking out. Yamini says this is your last chance, identify the relations which is forcing you to back off, and asks him to forget such relations as they are selfish. She says until you won’t let your love fly, they will approach you and asks him to fly away and get his love, and show to the world that there is nothing important than love. She says this is the time to take action and don’t listen to anyone, live in love and die in love. She says don’t think yourself alone, your choti maa is with you always like a mountain. Aarav holds her hands. Yamini says I will leave. She sits in the car. Badi Maa comes out of the house. Gajendra looks at her and walks behind her. Badi Maa runs behind the car. Yamini sees Badi Maa running and thinks Aarav and Simar’s union will give more peace to me, and Gitanjali Devi will be defeated. Badi Maa asks Aarav, what that woman was saying, and asks if he knows her. Aarav says yes, I know her and says she is the only woman who understands me and my feelings, and says Papa and you have turned your faces, but she understands me, my feelings, my heart beat. Badi Maa says she is destruction, poison and says don’t know what she has done with our family. Aarav says I have always heard about our family, prestige and respect, and I am nothing, my love, my life and my wishes don’t mean to you. He says my love, my Simar and my love…He says it is enough, I have decided. He goes inside. Badi Maa is in shock and tells Gajendra that that woman dared to reach our door step and poisoned Aarav’s mind. Gajendra says Aarav met Yamini, shockingly. Badi Maa says I will ruin her plans and will cut her hands before raising towards my house.

Aarav comes to the inhouse temple. Badi Maa calls Guards and asks the guards to lock all the doors, says Aarav Oswal shall not go out of this house. She says he shall be locked in Oswal Mansion until his mind calms down. She asks Gajendra to bring the car. Aarav applies kumkum on his forehead and turns to walk out.

Precap: Aarav beats the guards, packs his bags and opens the chain on the door to leave.


Update Credit to: H Hasan

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