Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Mayank finds out the truth

Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar takes the juice and says what juice is this? Sandhya says what do you mean? Simar says sorry maa but I have to ask. Sandhya says it’s my daughter and my problem. Simar says why are you looking away? Sandhya says leave the glass. Aditi drink it. Simar says Aditi you won’t drink it. Simar says what juice is this? She says papaya so her child is aborted. Simar says no maa. You can’t harm Aidit and her child. She throws the glass. Sandhya slaps Simar. Simar says you can slap me again, you have right but I won’t let anything wrong happen to Adiit. Sandhya hits Aditi and says why did you do this? How could you be so shameless. She hits her. Aditi cries. Sandhya says you broke my trust. You killed my pride, you ruined your life. Aditi sits down and cries. Sandhya says do what I say. This is the only way. Aditi says I won’t. I won’t kill my child, ever. She comes downstairs and says I won’t kill my child.


Mayank and his family are shocked. Geetanjali drops her glass. Mayank says what did she say? Is she pregnant? What joke is this? What rubbish is going on. His dad says what is happening? Please tell us the truth. Mayank says I will tell you papa. They fooled us. They used our status with their money. They frauded us. I understand everything why didn’t they show me her photo, why they got her married in a day. They all knew. They fooled us. They’ve made a joke of our condition. She gave me money too to buy me and shut me up with moeny. Geetanjali says no. Mayank says tell me queen of rules, this was your plan right? I told you I don’t care about her past but I won’t compromise on my dignity. He throws his turban. He says you all are silent like you’re the victim? What a drama. You thought you can give your sins to me and I will take it because you’re rich? I will take your tainted daughter to my house?

Mayank’s dad says stop it. THis is how rich people exploit people like us. Thank you for this drama Geetanjali ji. We don’t want you fake words and your daughters. The world used to praise your rules and wisdom. You have done enough favors on us but we can’t take it. Geetanjali holds her hand. Simar stops her. Simar says stop Mayank. Life isn’t right or wrong. Life is circumstancial and complicated. I want to apologize to you and your family on our family’s behalf. We never planned this and never tried to fool you. I know you’re hurt. But Geetanjali ji isn’t a fraud. She’s educated so many kids like you to give them wings. She always respects people. Unlce you know how many girls she gets married everywhere to make their lives better. She doesn’t tell it to media. It’s her faith to help people. She can never make fun of poor people. Do you agree Mayank? They heard so much yet stay were apologizing to you. Uncle you were right, we are proud of badi maa. Her manners and rules are our life. Her blessing is our life. We never lied to you. The situation changed. You got hurt, we are sorry for it. I hope you will trust me. Mayank says I am glad you’re the DIL of this family. But this is your family not mine. I can’t forgive. Let’s go dad.

Aditi says I am sorry Mayank ji. To you and your family if you can please.. He stops her. He takes a glass of water and removes her mangalsutra. Everyone is shocked. Aditi cries. He says I had a few images of our future but they weren’t like this at all. Let’s go dad. Everyone cries, they leave.


Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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