Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Yamini Devi decides to unite Aarav and Simar

Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Yamini Devi decides to unite Aarav and Simar

Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarav getting shocked seeing the truck about to hit him. Jogi throws iron rods on the road. Aarav turns his car and hits the tree. Vivaan calls Reema and tells that Aarav Bhai is missing, don’t know where did he go? He says he was drunk and says I shouldn’t have leave him alone. Reema says don’t blame yourself and reminds him that he tried to give his life for her. Vivaan says our matter was different, but Aarav and Simar can never unite. He says he misses Mom and Aarav Bhai. Reema says time is testing us, and tells that everything will be fine, we will fix all the problems. He ends the call.


Jogi calls Yamini and says Aarav is safe. Yamini asks him to bring Aarav to her. Chitra talks to Mohit and tells that he has ruined all her plan. Mohit takes the call from Devesh and asks her to remember carefully, says that plan was yours, but I am not your slave and says I will return when I do my work. Rana takes the call and asks Mohit to return at the earliest. Devesh takes video of Mohit with the truck.

Jogi brings Aarav to Yamini’s house. Simar is sad. Aarav takes Simar’s name in unconscious state. Jogi says he is fully drown in love, even I can’t see his condition and asks if there is any order for me. Yamini says no. Jogi leaves. Yamini sits at the bed and calls Aarav. Aarav says Simar left me, and says you are mine Simar. Yamini goes out of the room and thinks don’t know what has happened, why he is in such a condition. She switches on the lights and finds Samar sitting on the sofa. She asks why you are not saying anything? Samar says you knows everything that Sirav Singh Sodi is Aarav Oswal and he is making music video for Simar. He says you have used me. Yamini says what are you saying and why will I use you? She says I was just helping Aarav so that he can fulfill Simar’s dreams and she needs composer like you. She says I didn’t tell you the full truth as you was the music composer. He says you have put me between two lovers and says I fell in love with Simar and have relation with her. Yamini asks what are you saying? Samar says Simar’s roka happened with me. Yamini says what are you saying, do you know? Samar says I wanted to ask you, but couldn’t get the chance. Yamini says this is wrong, Aarav loves Simar a lot and Simar loves him and says they can’t live with each other. Samar says Gajendra Oswal brought this alliance for me and tells that he is not with Aarav. He says you calls me as your son and used me. He says I will not let you use me, and says I will marry Simar. Yamini says you can’t do this, and says Simar is Aarav’s wife. Samar says Simar was his wife, and says she has decided to marry me. He asks her to decide between Aarav and him, and goes.

Yamini comes back to Aarav’s room and hears him calling Simar’s name. She says so much happened Aarav and I was unaware. She says now I can understand why you are in this condition, and says first you was broken, and now everyone killed you alive.


Badi Maa tells Gajendra that she will risk anything but will not let history repeat itself. Yamini recalls Gitanjali Devi killing her husband. She says she was always love enemy. Badi Maa says I see yamini in that Simar. Yamini says I won’t let Gitanjali Devi ruin two lovers and won’t let them separate. She thinks I was weak before, but not anymore. She says she will shield Aarav and Simar’s love. Badi Maa says nobody will stop me this time and I will ruin everyone whoever comes infront of me. She says I will take Aarav out of this obsession. Yamini promises to unconscious Aarav that he will get his Simar back. Badi Maa says I won’t let Aarav and Simar unite. Gajendra thinks how to make you understand Maa that Simar is not Yamini. He says Simar’s roka is done and she will marry soon. He says we will handle Aarav. Badi Maa says once he returns home, I will handle him and make everything fine. Yamini Devi feels bad for Aarav.

In Avinash’s house, Simar wakes up and thinks it is morning. She sees Yamini Devi walking inside, as the door was let open by Avinash. Simar takes her blessings and asks her to come inside. She says sorry choti maa, house is messed up and tells her that Maa will be happy to see her. Yamini asks her to sit with her. She makes her sit and says if you will be so restless like this, then you can’t sing. She asks her to take a breath and tells that she understand what she is going through and says I am sad that my daughter have hidden this fact from me. She says my daughter don’t regard me as her mother, else she would have asked me to get her rid of all the troubles and pain. She says you didn’t say anything.

Badimaa scolds Vivaan for lying to her big and says Aarav haven’t returned till now. Vivaan says I don’t want to trouble you. Badi Maa sends guards to bring Aarav back. She asks Gajendra to cancel all the meetings and search Aarav. Gajendra goes. Sandhya cries. Badi Maa asks her to have courage and says Maa Durga will never upset us, your son will return. Sandhya nods her head.


Aarav wakes up in Yamini Devi’s house and looks here and there. He wears his jacket and holds his head. He finds the note there and reads it, left it by Yamini, asking him to eat medicine for headache. He thinks I am in Yamini ji’s house, how did I come here? He recalls someone taking him out of the car after the accident. He takes the tablet and also splashes some water on his face. He finds his phone there, and checks Badi Maa and Vivaan’s calls. He gets up to go.

Simar says so much happened, I couldn’t understand anything. Yamini says I understand everything and that’s why I came here. She says I can’t see you sad and tells that she will make everything fine and asks her not to get weak. Simar says I am very worried about Aarav ji and says don’t know what his pain is making him do. Yamini devi says I know, and says the people who gave you so much pain, shall taste the same thing and tells that their choti maa will not let any injustice happen to them and will not let them bear the pain of separation. She asks her to trust her and says there is a vast clouds of emotions, let it free and says I will take you to the place, where you feel light. She holds her hand to take her.

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