Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Mohit attempts to kill Aarav

Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarav about to fall down after getting out of the bar. Someone holds his hand and takes him with him. Vivaan comes out of the bar and searches for Aarav. He comes back to bar and asks waiter to inform him if Bhai returns. Waiter says ok. Vivaan calls Reema and tells that he had found Aarav Bhai, he was drinking in the bar, but he went missing when he went to pay the bill. He asks Reema to tell everyone that Aarav is with him and inform him if Aarav comes back before him. Reema says she will handle everything and asks him to take care. Badi Maa tells that Aarav is stubborn, if they argue then he will stop talking to them. She says we shall leave him on his own. Sandhya says he shall take time and return home safely. She prays to Mata Rani that her son returns safely. Reema hears them.


Aarav sits somewhere and says thank you chote? He asks who are you? Devesh’s face is shown. He says I can be your friend. Aarav says friend. Devesh gives him drink in the glass and says it is fun to drink it with someone. Aarav asks about his name? Devesh says I am a Diljala who met with other Diljala. Aarav laughs hearing this. Devesh makes another drink and gives him. Vivaan is searching for Aarav and is worried. Devesh goes to side and calls Chitra. He says I have achieved the first plan of our mission and says Aarav Oswal is drunk and can’t remember his name. He asks if she trusts him. She says you are my player who can win in one race. He asks what to do next? Chitra asks him to do step 2. Devesh says ok. Aarav says my Simar while closing his eyes. Simar sees the storm coming and thinks why it came suddenly. Just then her earring falls down. She thinks something is wrong somewhere, where are you Aarav ji. She finds the door locked and calls Avinash and Indu. She says someone is there, and says let me go outside, something bad is going to happen. Indu, Avinash and Gagan hear her.

Mohit is walking and hitting the axe on the ground. Chitra comes to him and says the prey is trapped by us and the work shall be done by you. Vivaan searches for Aarav still.

Avinash opens the door. Simar looks at them. She rushes out of the room. Avinash says kids have grown up and knows what they shall do, it is not good to keep them captive. Simar says something wrong is going to happen Papa. Avinash says if someone disrespects her and insults us in the neighborhood then nothing will happen. He tells Indu, let them do what they want. Gagan asks what happened. Avinash says I have opened all the doors and windows, whoever want to go, can go and is free to go anywhere. He says nobody will say anything to anyone. Simar looks on. Mohit’s face is shown as he looks evilly.


Aarav comes to his car singing. Mohit says helpless laila is caged and I will end their story, destruction will happen. He says Simar and her saas had insulted me, I have to take revenge for that, and says countdown starts for your destructions, war has started. He goes and sits in the truck. He starts driving it.

Indu brings the clothes and suitcase and says if this crosses the line today, then we will leave this house today and will never return.

Devesh talks to Chitra and says I will activate the plan. He offers to drop Aarav home. Aarav says I will go myself. Devesh says you can’t handle driving the car. Aarav says I will drive, its ok. He sits in the car. Devesh says you don’t need my help. Aarav says no and starts driving. Devesh says have a safe journey, Aarav Oswal. Jogi sees Aarav’s car going and calls Yamini. He tells that Aarav might be drunk and driving car. He says something wrong might happen. Yamini Devi says Aarav is drunk and asks him to bring him safely to her. Mohit is driving the truck.


Simar sits down. Avinash and Indu go to room after emotionally blackmailing Simar. Samar comes home and sees Simar sitting sad. He gets tears in his eyes seeing her tears and asks himself, why do I want to hug her and take all her pain. He says why am I feeling that his every tear is wetting my eyes. He says he used to feel this with Nisha, and goes inside.

Aarav is driving the car and says I know that you are thinking about me, Simar. Simar goes to inhouse temple and tells that nobody is understanding, but I can feel that Aarav ji is in trouble and asks Mata Rani to help him. Jogi calls Yamini and says I took short cut and came ahead of Aarav’s car, just as he comes near me, I will stop him. He then looks at the fast paced truck and tells that Aarav is not giving side to it, and the truck is proceeding towards him. He says something wrong might happen. Simar does the aarti and asks Mata Rani to protect Aarav ji today. Yamini asks Jogi to do something and says nothing shall happen to Aarav. Mohit says today you are gone Aarav Oswal. Yamini gets worried for Aarav. Aarav sees the truck about to hit his car. Simar is still doing aarti. Jai Mata di plays…Jogi throws iron rods infront of Mohit’s truck. Aarav is shocked.

Precap will be added later.


Update Credit to: H Hasan

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