Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Aarav makes heroic entry during Simar’s roka with Samar

Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Aarav makes heroic entry during Simar’s roka with Samar

Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Badi Maa asking Aarav to stop. Aarav stops and says not today. Badi Maa says a person’s respect is in his hands, and says the war for which you want to go and fight, has already lost it already. She says I will not say anything as my values and teachings have gone waste. She asks him to go himself and see the truth himself. She says the girl for whom you have lost your senses, is ready for someone else. She says when you return shatter, you will find me here, I will embrace you and will hold your shattered pieces. She asks him to remember that his Badi Maa will wait for him here. She asks him to go. Aarav bends down and touches the floor of their house. He says if I have your feelings, then my heart will not break. He steps out of the house.


Aditi smiles and messages Simar that Aarav Bhai is coming to her, and asking her to wait for him. Simar’s phone beeps, but she doesn’t see the message. Reema picks her phone and checks the message. She gets shocked and shows the message to Vivaan. Vivaan says oh god, if Bhai comes here then what will happen. Reema says we have to do something before that and deletes the message from Simar’s phone.

Aarav is driving his car and says I am coming Simar. Reema offers cold drink to Simar. Simar refuses. Samar takes it. Indu gives tea to Gajendra and Avinash. Reema asks Indu to get the rasam started. Indu says Pandit ji took out the mahurat, still 20 mins are there. Aarav says I am coming there. Gagan thinks to inform Simar that Aarav ji is coming here. He comes to Simar, but sees Sandhya with her. Aarav is still on the way. Gajendra comes to Simar and says today I will make my daughter have sweets and asks her to eat. Simar is lost in thoughts. Reema keeps her hand on her shoulder. Simar eats it. Roma asks him to make Samar have the sweets. Samar says no, will you make me honey bee. Roma says love increases if you eat her leftover. Samar says ok, make me eat. Reema says start the rasam fast. Roma asks what is the hurry? She tries to make Samar have the sweets and it falls down. Everyone looks on. Roma picks the sweets and says sorry. Samar says you have dropped my love’s half share and says if I love remain incomplete then? They get tensed. He says he is kidding. Reema takes Roma to take Simar to room, just as the rasam is done. Roma says why, this is big day for her. Reema says I am doing this for Simar, and asks her if she trusts her. Roma says yes. Reema says 10 mins more. Aarav says wait for me, 10 mins more. I am coming Simar.

Simar looks at the door and gets up. Ranjhana song plays…..Simar starts walking towards the door. Reema comes back and sees Simar not on her place. She sees her looking at the door. She comes to her and sends her back to her place. She then closes the door.


Gagan talks to Aditi and tells that in 10 mins, rasam will start. Aditi asks did you tell Bhabhi? He says no and hopes Aarav ji reaches here before everything is over. Aarav stops his car seeing the traffic jam and starts walking. He asks auto driver about the Jam. The auto driver says it is there since 20 mins. Indu shows the jewellery to Sandhya. Reema says just 8 mins left for the roka ceremony. Lalit asks her to chill and asks why is she starting the countdown.

Avinash tells Gajendra that to tell the truth, this is happening due to you. He says who can say that we were samdhis before. Gajendra hugs him and says this is not happening due to me, but due to Simar, she has tied us in this relation. Avinash says you are saying right. Simar gets restless and stands up again looking at the door and starts walking. Sandhya asks where are you going, roka time. Indu says we couldn’t do much arrangements in a hurry. Sandhya says arrangements are done with happiness, and not by stuff. She says everyone is happy, so arrangements are done.

Aarav finds the jam still there. Gagan tells Aditi that roka ceremony will start in 5 mins. Aarav couldn’t wait anymore and runs. Simar looks on.


Aditi asks Gagan to do something and stop it. Reema and Vivaan are tensed. Gagan comes to Simar and says can I talk to you once? Reema says do your prank tomorrow, and asks Maa to start the rasam. Gagan tells Aditi that roka has started.

Indu does Samar’s tilak and aarti. Sandhya then applies tilak to Simar. Aarav is running, the sindoor falls down on Aarav’s forehead kept on the side, in a shop. He looks at the goddess photo frame and runs. Roma tells Samar that his love will be completed, as sindoor fell down on Simar’s nose. Sandhya gives shagun to Simar and makes her wear the bridal dupatta. Aarav takes a bridal dupatta and shouts Simar while running. Samar is about to make her have sweet, when they hear Aarav calling her. He comes opening the door. Reema says Aarav and gets shocked. Simar stands up from her place and gets emotional seeing him. She walks towards him. Samar gets up. Aarav holds Simar’s hand and keeps on his eyes. He then kisses her hand. Samar looks sad. Aarav and Simar look at each other. Everyone looks shocked. Aarav then throws Simar’s bridal dupatta and make her wear the dupatta which he brought for her. Simar smiles. Aarav holds her face with his hands. They have a hug. Ranjhana song plays……Gajendra looks at Avinash, while Indu looks at Sandhya. Ranjhana song plays….Simar and Aarav have a hug still.

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