Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Indu fixes Simar’s roka

Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Samar coming to Simar and asks her to comment for the coffee. Simar says there is a pain in this coffee too, this is not of Aarav ji and can’t be it. She says nothing can take his place in my life, and nobody can. She says I am ready to move on for Aarav ji’s sake, I am ready to marry you, but there is a crowd in my life of Aarav ji’s memories, my family’s hopes and wishes and says I will come with all these, pain, sorrows etc. She asks if he can bear her past and find place for yourself. She says I have told all my truth to you, I am doing this for Aarav ji. She says after knowing everything, you have the right to back off. Samar stops her and says 2 mins. He goes.


Aditi asks Aarav not to take any decision in someone’s pressure that the things get difficult for him to return back. She asks him to bring Bhabhi for me, you and for everyone. He asks her not to cry. Mitali’s father tells Badimaa that if her grand son don’t want to remarry then why did they call them here, and says it is our mistake that we ignored the rumors or facts, whatever we heard about you. Mitali’s mother says your grand son is a divorcee and says we came here hearing your family else why would we get our daughter married to a divorcee man. Her father says someone bride gets swapped here, and sometimes groom gets slapped. He says our daughter is saved. Her mother asks her husband to come from there. They leave. Vivaan says these Goel’s name are bad in the market. Badi Maa asks him to stop talking like Aarav and says they are losing trust and respect. She tells Sandhya that you asked me to separate Oswal surname from his name. She says this will happen, if Oswal is removed from his name. She says they have just scolded us today, don’t know what will happen if we don’t have the surname. She says I will not let my name ruined or my blood.

Samar brings his memories related to Nisha and burns it. Simar asks what is he doing? Samar says I want to give its ahuti and make new place, so that we don’t feel suffocated in this relation. He says walking together is to become each other’s reflection. He says I want to get rid of all the darkness and wants to fill your life with light. He says I want to live my life with you. Simar looks at him and goes from there. She comes to her room and looks at her diary, in which it is written Aarav ji. She thinks I can go away from him, but not from his memories. She couldn’t tear the page and hugs the diary.

Later Indu sees Simar staring at the roof and comes inside. Simar asks if you have pain in the palm. Indu asks what are you saying? Simar says I will not give you any wound and tells that she has decided for Aarav ji. Indu asks what do you mean? Simar says I have decided for Aarav ji and his happiness. Indu closes the door. Simar says let me say today and tells that I am ready to move on and marry Samar. Badi Maa tells Aarav that Simar agreed to marry Samar. Aarav punches the punching bag angrily. Badi Maa says Simar is going to move on and has decided to marry Samar. Aarav hits the punching bag angrily, refusing to believe and it falls down. Indu hugs Simar and says you have taken right decision. Aarav says you are lying and wanting to break me. Badi Maa says I am not weak to take support of lie and says that girl thinks about just herself, I haven’t seen such selfish girl before. Aarav says this is wrong. Badi Maa says if you know the truth then you can’t ignore it. He says I know my Simar, she can’t agree. Reema and Roma come to Avinash’s house and dance happily. Simar tells Avinash that she is happy for everyone’s happiness. Avinash asks her to go. Roma and Reema tell something to Lalit and Vivaan. They dance. Gagan sees Simar sad. Vivaan and Lalit also dance. Avinash and Indu are happy seeing them dancing. Simar is unhappy and sings song. Samar comes there and sings happily, tries to cheer her up. They all dance around her.


Indu tells Avinash that she wants to talk to him. They go. Vivaan congrats Simar and asks if she is happy. Simar says sometimes, some decisions are taken for everyone. Vivaan says I will pray for your happiness and asks if she will forget him. Reema says we shall pull Samar’s leg. Lalit says surely. Vivaan says I will come. Simar says I can never forget you, you are very special for me and will always be special. Vivaan says even you will be special for me. Indu tells Avinash that they shall do the roka in the evening. Avinash asks what are you saying? Indu says everyone will do the arrangements and says we shall not get late, their hearts are met. She says we shall do small function. Avinash says ok, roka is fixed for the evening, do the arrangements.

Precap: Indu does Simar and Samar’s roka. Sandhya makes her wear bridal dupatta and kisses her forehead. Samar is about to make Simar taste the sweets. Aarav comes running near their house, and is stopped by Avinash, Lalit, Vivaan and Gajendra. Aarav shouts telling Simar that he wants to talk to her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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