Sasural Genda Phool 2 14th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Titli Is In Love

Sasural Genda Phool 2 14th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Badimaa informs Ishan that she remvoed Suhana’s clothes from cupboard and asked Titli to keep her clothes in the cupboard. Ishan asks if she doesn’t know Suhana’s place in his heart. Badimaa explains that Suhana will always be part of his life, but he should accept Titli as his wife literally, stop sleeping in living room, and give her the right his wife deserves. He walks behind her and says he never removed Suhana’s clothes from his room. Badimaa says Suhana is also gone from his room and he should move on. He return to room disheartened. Titli fights with him to divert his attention. Their heated argument starts. She then mimics him and makes him laugh loudly. Badimaa smiles seeing that.


Alok sleeps on sofa. Rano wakes him up and asks if he was at his friend’s place whole day. He says their family was so happy, whose nazar/evil eyes fell on them. Rano blames Titli and says she ruined their family’s happiness.

Titli remembers Disha and Rano alleging her of stealing money and feels sad. Badimaa walks to her and says even she is not getting sleep. Titli describes how she is feeling. Badimaa says she shouldn’t bother about Rano and Disha’s bitter words. Titli pours her heart out and describes that she never respected relationships, but felt really happy seeing Kashyap’s family. She further describes about her feelings for Ishan.

Badimaa gets happy that she loves Ishan and says love is the best feeling in one’s life, she is happy for her and soon Ishan will also fall in her love. Titli says she feels bad seeing Ishan in pain losing his family’s trust, etc. Badimaa says Kashyap family doesn’t have a bit of hatred in their hearts, they supported their bahu against their son who was wrong, Titli will get same love when she showers her love in return, etc..


Precap: Badimaa gets happy seeing Titli and Ishan’s nok jhok. Titli enters Rano’s room and touches her feet. Rano gets angry and alleges her of trying to steal from her room.

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