Sasural Genda Phool 2 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Titli Steals Ishan’s Wallet

Sasural Genda Phool 2 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Titli Steals Ishan’s Wallet

Sasural Genda Phool 2 13th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishan catches Titli looting public disguised as a traffic police constable. Titli says she is Titli’s twin sistr. He warns her not to fool her. She threatens to take him to police station. Her team joins her and warns Ishan to stay away from her. Ishan warns them to stay out of it and asks Titli to send them away. Titli shoos them away and says he knows she has connection with police, so she stole a constable’s clothes. He says he will take her to his SP friend who is not corrupt and gets her into car. She starts emotional blackmail explaining how they treat criminals in jail with bland food and requests to feed her food before taking him to jail. He agrees. His wallet and other stuff falls down. She steals his wallet in lieu of returning it. He takes her to restaurant where she orders a lot of food after her jokergiri leaving Ishan stunned and pays herself. Ishan gets suspicious. She fools him again and escapes.


At home, Daadi online orders palazzo for her, but gets leggings instead. Family laughs on her. She returns order with harsh feedback and says she will orders anarkali for herself. Dadaji says she should wear and flirts with her. She shies. After sometime, Rano, Rani, and Disha sees maid grating bottle gourd to prepare hawa and scolds her to throw it away. She argues. Rani says they should throw it before Badimaa notices it. Badimaa enters and asks what are they hiding and seeing bottle gourd gets emotional and says Suhana used to love it, they will have halwa today in her memory, and herself prepares it.

Anvi visits Rani and Inder’s cafe and orders pastries and biscuits for guests and informs that a boy’s family is coming to see her today as her parents wants her to remarry since she is divorced 2 years ago. Rani offers her order for free and thinks of fixing her alliance with Ishan. Back home, Rani with Rano and Disha searches her old sari. Mithi walks in wearing a scalf made out of Rani’s sari and boasts about her creativity. They all scold her. She says she made one more thing and calls Daadi who walks in wear kaftan made from same sari. They all laugh on her.

Titli returns home where her father demands her stolen money. She says its to clear Deva bhai’s loan. He says he didn’t ask her to take loan from criminal Deva. She says she took loan for his treatment as he was dying in hospital due to alcohol intoxication. He continues insisting for money. She says he and his thankless and selfish son have made her life a hell and walks away fuming. Ishan returns home and finding his wallet missing realizes Titli stole it. He remembers Suhana’s photo in it and goes into flashback where Suhana writes behind her photo to always remember her. Out of flashback, he thinks of getting back wallet. Titli gives his wallet to Deva bhai gets angry seeing only 50 rs in wallet.


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