Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Swara Traps Pankaj

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Swara Traps Pankaj

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anant receives medicines from Sapan for Gehna. Sapan says he will test Gehna once. Anant says Gehna will be fine once she takes medicine and rests. Sapan leaves. Anant sees Kusum trying to commit suicide in kitchen and Swara trying to stop her. He rushes to her and stops her. Kusum cries that her heinous act doesn’t deserve forgiveness and Gehna will never forgive her. Anant says he will convince Gehna to her one more chance. She continues acting and leaves smirking. Swara praises her acting and says now Anant will convince Gehna to give them one more chance. Anant requests Gehna, but Gehna denies. He says if she leaves them, her mother will do labor work again and sister will dance on streets, so she should keep them with her and mentor them. Kusum also requests to give them one chance. Gehna agrees. Anant informs that tomorrow they have Pankaj’s birthday celebration at home and plan a surprise party for him.


At midnight, whole family visits Pankaj’s room to wish him happy birthday and don’t find him. Gehna thinks where did Pankaj go at midnight. Pankaj visits garden thinking who called him here. He notices Kanak walking towards him holding a cake and gets happy, but then realizes its Swara. Swara wishes him happy birthday. He says he thought she is Kanak. She says she knows he is missing Kanak, she didn’t have anything to gift him and hence dressed like Kanak. He thanks her. She says there is no thank you and sorry in friendship. He asks what kind of relationship. She says he is Gehna’s BIL and hence related to him. She cuts cake with him singing happy birthday to you and purposefully slips on him.

Gehna enters. Swara thinks she always enters at a wrong time and says they were cutting Pankaj’s birthday cake. Pankaj backs her and says Swara slipped on him by mistake. Gehna says everyone are waiting from him inside home to cut cake. Pankaj walks towards home. Gehna stops Swara and warns her to stop her lies and betrayal, she let her stay here because of Anant but not anymore, so they should leave her house right now. Swara pushes her away and warns her to stop wrongly alleging her as she was just celebrating Pankaj’s birthday. Gehna slaps her and says she just killed mosquito on her cheek. Swara says she is lying. Gehna says even she can sense Swara’s lies and conspiracies and warns her to get out. Their argument and tussle starts. Swara notices a bench and falls on it injuring her forehead. Sapan treats her. Kusum alleges Gehna that she pushed her sister and starts her emotional drama. Baa warns her to stop alleging Gehna as she doesn’t know what Gehna really is, she will never harm anyone purposefully. Once everyone leaves, Gehna says she is not wrong this time and whatever it is wants them to leave her house, she will make arrangements for their stay somewhere else. Kusum gets tensed.

Gehna enters Baa’s room and cries holding her feet. Baa asks reason. Gehna seeks her forgiveness and returns locker keys. Baa says she will accept it once everything is normal. Gehna promises that everything will be normal tomorrow. Next morning, while Desai family is having breakfast, Kusum walks to them and cries that Swara is missing and alleges Gehna. Hema says Gehna’s family is dramebaaz. Baa gets angry on Gehna. Kusum continues her drama. Anant assures her to find Swara and bring her back home.


Precap: Pankaj returns home after marrying Swara, leaving family in shock. Swara challenges Gehna to destroy her family. Gehna twists her hand and warns to expose her during muh dikhayi ritual.

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