Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna Desires To Meet Kusum

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna’s jail inmate attacks her. She pleads Kanak for help. Kanak smirks at first and then saves. Gehna gets injured between their tussle. Constable blames them instead and takes inmate away. Gehna asks why did that woman attack her when she doesn’t know her. Kanak says that woman killed her sautan and came here, maybe she resembles her sautan. Constable serves them food. Kanak taunts she has to eat this bland and dry food as a punishment. Gehna enjoys it. Constable informs Gehna that she has a visitor. Gehna happily rushes to meeting area thinking Anant came, but finds Swara instead. Swara taunts her that she wanted to get her out of house, but herself is in jail. Gehna sees locker keys in her hand and asks if she snatched it from Baa. Swara says she stole it from her room and challenges that she will never be out soon as she took Pankaj there. Anant walks in and warns Swara to stop pestering his wife and sends her out. Gehna cries hugging him. He says he hired a lawyer to fight her case. She desires to meet her mother. He encourages her to be courageous and walks out himself crying.


Kusum meets Gehna next and acting as concerned asks why did she get into trouble trying to expose Swara. Gehna asks why did she hit Pankaj and says Swara cannot harm Pankaj as she was with Rohit at that time. Kusum says she is intelligent, agrees to hit Pankaj, and asks how will she prove it in court and can she send her daughter to jail. Gehna remembers Anant’s advice to follow the path of truth and asks if a mother will tolerate her daughter accepting her mother’s crime and going to jail. Kusum says a mother an tolerate anything. Gehna says she is jealous of Swara for the first time as she got mother’s love and she got only hatred. Kusum says its her sin and if she had not exposed her that day, she wouldn’t have been hated. She threatens not to take her name or else she will commit suicide and insists her to take oath that she will not expose her. Gehna promises her. Kusum walks away thinking her emotional arrow hit at the right target.

Gehna remembers crying for her mamma in childhood. Her father consoles her and draws mother’s arms on floor. Gehna sleeps on that. She draws her mother’s arms even in jail and sleeps on it. Kanak wakes her up and offers her food to celebrate her last day in jail. Gehna eats food and chokes. Kanak says she wants Gehna to apologize and beg her for water. Kanak throws water on her and says even she was feeling same pain when she came here and suffered each day, this is just a beginning of her punishment. Gehna says her mother and sister are at mistake. Kanak says she will punish even them and says she will not spare Gehna even if she pleads. Gehna warns her not to worry about her and think about herself. Kanak fumes.

Precap: Pandit reads holy scripture at Desai house and describes how Kanhaji was freed from jail to end sins on earth. Kanak, Gehna, and other inmates escape from jail.


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