Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 10th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna’s Plan To Expose Swara

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 10th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna’s Plan To Expose Swara

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 10th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baa announces Swara as best bahu competition’s winner explaining that Swara has all the qualities of a best bahu, she not bothering about her win helped Hema when she fell down. Swara excitedly wears best bahu competition crown. Judges praise Desai bahus. Hema meets Kanak and informs her that Swara won best bahu competition. Kanak says she just wants to know if Sagar agreed her condition. Hema remembering Sagar’s warning says he promised not to take Kanak’s name, but if he is not taken out of jail, he will drag even her into jail. Kanak promises that once she is out of jail, she will get Sagar out. Hema demands Kanak’s jewelry. Kanak agrees and eagerly waits to get out of jail.


Gehna checks on Kusum before sleeping and hopes she showers her love as a mother soon. She then senses someone behind her. Swara frightens her, and she falls down.
Swara then laughs on her and reminds that Baa was hating her at the beginning and now is in her favor, soon she will take over the whole house and this is just a beginning. Next morning, Gehna dries cloth in lawn when Anant walks to her and gets romantic. She shies and runs around. He says he has planned a surprise for her and asks her to get ready. She says she can’t as she has a lot of work and Baa is angry on her. He gets angry that she doesn’t have time for him at all, he planned a surprise for her with so much difficulty and its waste to expect anything from her. She tries to calm him down. Kusum thinks she will separate Gehna from her husband like she did years ago.

Swara walks to Baa and seeing her praying thinks when will this old hag notice her, she wants to become a heroine soon. Once Baa notices her, she says she got a big order for Pankaj’s bakery and will soon turn his loss making business into profitable one. Anant fumes more when his five start restaurant booking cannot be canceled. Kusum says he should not bother about people who don’t care for him and should party alone. Anant says he had booked a table at a 5 star hotel and will enjoy alone. She says she always dreamt of having food at a 5 star hotel and requests to take her alone. He agrees.

Swara serves neem juice, quinoa, and flaxseed to Baa instead of regular food citing her old age issues. Baa gets impressed. Gehna brings food for Baa next. Swara asks her to take it back as Baa will not have it. Gehna asks if she should prepare food for a saint who is visiting them tonight. Baa asks Swara to take up one more responsibility and prepare food for saint. Gehna reminds that Swara has booked a beautician for her. Swara says she can sacrifice anything for family and will prepare food. Baa gives her a long list of dishes. Swara prepares food fuming. Gehna enjoying facial walks to her and taunts her, leaving her fuming. Swara orders food from restaurant and thinks she will impress saint with restaurant food and nobody will notice it. Baa walks in and tongue lashes her. Gehna smirks standing aside and remembers planning with Anant to expose Swara. Out of flashback, she thinks its her tit for tat for Gehna.


Precap: Swara acts as committing suicidee by burning her sari. Gehna tries to stop her, and Swara pushes her away. Pankaj enters and saves Swara. Baa warns Swara to stop her drama. Pankaj orders Baa to apologize Swara.

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