Rishton Ka Manjha 2nd December 2021 Written Episode Update: Karan plans to give Diya drugs

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Scene 1
Diya says maa I know it was painful to see Arjun that way. You want to see him happy. But his happiness is badminton. You said it was hsi life, how can I take his life away from him. His eyes had dreams. The change that you see in him is because of his badminton. He is doing everything for me he wanted to do for himself. He will be incomplete without it. He was alone when his dream was snatched away from it. Diya says how do I tell papa is responsible for all of this. Diya says we can be with him and complete his dream. If you want, I can leave badminton but will Arjun stay happy that way? Can you promise? I want to see him happy too. His life will be back if he has badminton. That’s his happiness. I will do everything for Arjun’s happiness. Diya leaves. She recalls what Madhuri said.


Arjun says Diya, why are you worried? Did anyone say anything? SHe says I am stressed about the camp. He says don’t lose focus. I will handle the rest. You will only eat with I make for you. I got grocery for me. She says so you will cook for me? He says yes. You think I can’t cook? She says Mr. Arjun Agarwal will be my chef. Diya says in heart how do I tell you that mama and papa are against your dream. Niharika hears and says how will I mix this drug?

Scene 2
Depika gets the breakfast ready. Arjun says I will make breakfast for Diya. Depika says I will make it. He says she’s my wife. Depika says let me help you. Niharika comes in. Depika says Diya has trained you a lot. Niharika says Diya is lucky. Love would never do this. Arjun says this isn’t salon. It’s kitchen, what are you doing here? Taking Diya’s news? Arjun says you brother our trust. Niharika cries and says no one trusts me here. Arjun says you will ruin your makeup. Niharika leaves. Tina calls Niharika. She says how will you mix it in Diya’s food? Niharika tells her Ajrun is making her food. He isn’t letting me go near the kitchen. Tina says you have to do it at any cost.

Arjun gives Diya her food. He says take rest after breakfast. Diya says okay sir. Diya eats the breakfast. Arjun says I can’t trust anyone. Be very careful. Karan calls Tina. He says Arjun won’t be careless this time. He says my other plan is also ready. Karan calls his doctor.


Diya eats her food. Niharika comes to her. She says bhabhi you? Niharik cries and says Diya forgive me. I know you’re mad at me. I have hurt you a lot. I broke everyone’s trust. That’s why I can’t see you. I feel so bad. I don’t know what to do. I feel heavy. Please forgive me and help me. Please. I made a huge mistake. I didn’t know you are so nice. She sits down and cries. Diya says don’t cry. I don’t hate you. I will speak to maa and Kush. We are a family. People like Tina can’t break us. Niharika says thank you Diya.

Karan welcomes his doctor. He says 5 years ago, my plan worked because of your advice. What you did with Arjun. He says I never told anyone. KAran says your career will thrive if you stay silent. You have to repeat it. The doctor is shocked. He says you are appointed as health inspector for the camp. You have to inject the same drug in Diya’s blood. Diya thinks about what Amitabh said. She writes it on a paper. She recalls what Karan said at the reception. Diya says I want to know everything about Arjun’s drug case. The doctor says to Karan I will do it. Karan says don’t do any mistake.

Episode ends.


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