Rishton Ka Manjha 18th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Arjun saves Diya

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Scene 1
Vitthal tells Arjun I’ve checked everywhere Diya is nowhere. Monica says she will hang here all night. Arjun asks Vittal to tell the warden. The warden asks Monica where is Diya? Monica says I don’t know. The other roommates say we don’t know. Monica says you should know you are the warden. she’s not in this room. Vittal says she was not in room herself when I came to see Diya. Warden says where were you three? Monica says no one came from our home so we went to the canteen. Arjun sees dirt on their shoes. He says if they were in canteen why is there dirt? Monica says we don’t know where she. The warden says I’ve to inform Karan.


Arjun mops the floor. The warden says why are you cleaning at this time? Arjun tries to fix his wig. Vittal says he’s new he doesn’t know the rules. The warden says he can’t speak? Why is he not talking. Arjun says sorry I hear loud. I am old. The warden says tel him the rules. She leaves. Arjun says Vittal they’ve done something. They had dirt on their shoes. Where could it be from? Vittal says from either store or outside?

Scene 2
Arjun comes near the sotre. He looks for Diya. Diya tries to speak but she can’t. Arjun looks around. Diya moves something. Arjun hears the noise. She screams for help. Diya says Arjun. Arjun tries to break the door. He goes in and releases Diya. arjun says Diya.. nothing happened. He unties her. Diya is fainting. Arjun says Diya open your eyes. Diya says you? Diya hugs him. Diya says how did you come inside? Arjun tells her everything. Arjun says Karan is planning all this. Arjun says he won’t do anything cause media is after him but he will get it done. I had to be around you. Diya says why didn’t you tell me? He says because then you would keep thinking about me. Diya says I already do that.

Scene 3
Monica’s friend says we are scared. what if Diya ties? Monica says we only hung her. The girl says but that blocks blood in head and she can die. Monica says how would anyone know we did it? Monica says we will see whatever happens. Only we know it. Diya says they made me smell cholorform. Arjun says they will go to jail for doing this. How low would Arjun stoop. We will report this to media. Diya says we can’t do that. Arjun says they tried to kill you. I won’t tolerate this. Diya says what will you tell the police? WHat proof do you have against Karan? We can’t go to media or police without proof. Arjun says so I should see all this happening? Diya says we are together. We will win together. I can’t leave the campus because my plan..


Arjun says what plan? Diya says to expose people who got you banned. Diya says I am sorry I didn’t tell you but if I told you you won’t let me do this. I am not here for my dream only but to expose people who ruined your room. I went to record room and found your file. Diya tells him how it had Dr. Ramesh Sen’s signature all over. Arjun says what if you got caught? For my past you risked your future? How could you do this? We’ve invested so much in your career. Diya says your past is as important as my future. Everything is give and take. Love in return of love and care in return of care. I will feel incomplete if I don’t do enough for you. You do so much for you. I am your wife, your friend. I can do what we can’t do from outside. Arjun says it’s risky. Diya says let me do this please. Diya says I noticed Dr. Sen had his signatures all over your file. Once we fing him we can have some clue. Arjun gets a call from the hospital. He says I found a guy on road. He’s in coma. Arjun speaks to the doctor. He says the person you brought here is conscious. His name is Dr. Ramesh Sen and he works in badminton academy. Arjun is shocked. He says I am coming. Arjun says the doctor said his name is Dr. Ramesh Sen. You told me the same person. Diya says go and meet him. And don’t worry about me. I am fine.

Episode ends

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