Rishton Ka Manjha 17th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Monica ties Diya with cieling

Rishton Ka Manjha 17th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Monica ties Diya with cieling

Rishton Ka Manjha 17th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Diya eats the food. Arjun looks at her. She recalls her moments with Arjun. Diya takes out the papers. She says who is Dr. Sen? His signatures are on all the reports. Either Karan got drugs mixed in Arjun’s food or Dr. Sen made fake reports. I should tell Arjun. But I can’t. He will be really mad. Diya notes all details about him.


Arjun says to Vitthal I will come late. Take care of Diya. He says girls will be allowed to meet family for two hours today. You are here who will come to meet Diya? Arjun says no one. Arjun calls kush. Kush says where are you? Maa was so upset. Arjun says you and Depika have to come and meet Diya. And you’ve to do something for me. Ksuh says okay. Madhuri speaks to Ajrun. She says where are you Arjun? Madhuri says please come back home. Where were you? Arjun says I am fine and I will come back soon. Don’t cry. I asked you not to. She says my kids are away. I don’t like it. Arjun says we will be back home in 5 days. She says is Diya okay? Arjun says yes. She’s working very hard. You have to welcome us with trophy.

Scene 2
Kush and Depika come to meet Diya. Diya is asleep in her room. Monica and Diya faint her with a medicine. Monica says you will not remember anything Diya. They tie her hands. Vitthal looks for Diya. She’s not in the room. Monica takes Diya to the store.

Kush says so much has changed. Once Arjun was the star of this place. Madhuri calls Kush. He says we are here to meet Diya. She says I could make something for him. Vitthal tells them Diya isn’t in her room. He says let me look around. Kush calls Arjun and tells her Diya isn’t in her room. Arjun says where could she go? Arjun says I can’t come out. Kush says we brought somethings for her. Arjun says give that bag to Vitthal. Arjun asks Vittal were the girls in Diya’s room? he says no. Arjun says they’ve done something to her. tell the warden.


Scene 3
Niharika sees Tina’s news in the charity. The maid says she’s changed so much. Niharika says mind your own business. Niharika says but Tina can’t change like this. Kush comes home. Madhuri says did you meet Diya? Kush says she was not in her room. Madhuri says I hope she was okay.

Monica hangs Diya upside down. She says she will realize once she hangs here all night. Niharika says see what Tina is doing. She’s changed a lot. Kush says she can never change. Stay away from her. Madhuri says to Diya I hope Diya is okay. You should have waited there. Love comes in anger. He says what is this Diya? I told you all files should be in it. You are Arjun and Diya’s Assistant. Diya says I will do it. Love says you better do it. Madhuri says she’s your wife. You can’t talk to her like this. There are enough maids. She says don’t you do it for papa? Why did she go to meet Diya? Papa is in stress because of that Diya and she went to meet him.

Depika comes to her room. She gets love’s clothes ready. She sees some Rajna calling on Love’s phone. The phone keeps ringing. Depika picks it. The girl says we are so late. Are you not ready? Tell them you won’t come back home tonight. I am waiting. Come fast. Love takes the phone.


Diya tries to scream.

Episode ends

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