Rishton Ka Manjha 14th March 2022 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Arjun comes to Diya and her mom. He asks what’s going on? Diya says it was a discussion between a mother and her daughter. She is just worried about Bablo’s fees and doesn’t want to take our help. Arjun says I am your son, we will pay his fees and today only. Her mother says I will leave now, she goes from there. Arjun tells Diya that she looked worried, was there another reason? Diya says no other reason, he says I will get freshen up for practice, he gives her forehead a kiss and leaves. Diya thinks if I tell Arjun then Bablo’s life will be in trouble.


Niharika is walking on the roads and faints. All rush to her.

Ajit tells Karan that he kidnapped Diya’s brother so she won’t play the match. Karan says that’s a good plan, Ajit says you should have trusted me. Karan says Diya will make Arjun lose now.

Arjun comes to Diya and asks her to change for the practice. Did you give Bablo’s fees/ Diya says yes? Arjun says I want your mother to treat me as her son and share her troubles with me. Now get ready for the practice. Diya says I can’t go for practice today, I am thinking to stay with my mother for some days, she is in depression as baba is not here too. Arjun says we can’t waste more time as we have to practice, you can call your mother here. Diya says she won’t stay here, it’s against her principles. She thinks I can’t tell the truth to Arjun as Bablo is in trouble.


Niharika wakes up and murmurs where am I? She turns to see Karan there and says how did I reach here? Karan says we found you on the road, don’t worry. He gives her water and asks her to rest. Niharika drinks in

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