Rishton Ka Manjha 14th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Diya asks for alimony

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Scene 1
Tina says what are you doing? And why are you standing here? Diya says I was waiting for you. Tina says my answer won’t change. I will meet Madhuri aunty soon. This house is gonna need me. Diya says in heart I couldn’t even find the location. Love says to lawyer we won’t give Diya any alimony. Depika says she will go to the court. We should give her what she wants and get done with it. Love says you better handle the house. You’ve no idea of these things. You are immature. Diya says you have much idea? The men of this house only prove their manliness by shouting on women. The men who can’t give women respect and time they will give alimony? Men of this house don’t respect women. Love says who are you to speak between us.


Diya says I have my reasons. what are you reasons? Depika has been hearing your taunts. If I were in her place. Depika says but you are not. You can’t question Love. Diya says in heart I can’t see Love behave this way with you. I know you’re mad at me. But I know no one else supports you here. Diya says okay then get insulted. She says to the lawyer you’re here tell them I would get my alimony otherwise I will take them to the court. Love says you won’t get anything. Diya says my lawyer will tell you. Diya says in heart please show me a way God.

Scene 2
Dadi’s feet hurts. She looks for her medicine. She tries to walk. Diya holds her. She says if you fall it will be a problem for everyone. Dadi says why are you worried for me? She says I’ve two days here. I don’t want focus to from alimony to you. Please handle yourself for two days. Dadi says do you really wanna go away from this family? My heart can’t believe you are this. My Diya can’t do all. Why are you doing this drama? Diya recalls her dad. Diya says you are right I was doing drama when I came here. None of you would trust me if I didn’t do that drama. This is my real face. Diya looks at away and cries.

Scene 3
Pihu says to Tina why is there less money? She says you stayed there for 4 days not 7. Pihu says I did what you said. I risked everything. Pihu says I hurt my own head. You should pay me more. Tina says don’t irritate me now. Pihu says I want my complete amount. Tina says what will you do? She says I will go to Diya’s family and tell them everything. Tina says didn’t you see how criminal I am? I will cut your face and berak your hands and lock you here forever. Pack your bags and go from here. Never be seen in this city again.


Diya speaks on call and says what will happen now? Depika comes there. She says who were you talking to? She says my lawyer. Depiika says don’t you have your phone? She says I don’t want a bill there. Depika says will you buy happiness from this money? Diya says what a line. You better not tell me about happiness. Your own money is based on this big house. The phone rings again. Depika picks it. She says no wrong number. Diya says thank God. Depika says who was she talking to?

Scene 4
Love gets a call from that girl. He says I can’t talk right now. I am stuck. I care for you. Depika says who was it? He says you keep questioning me? I get many calls. She says why are you always mad at me? What have I done wrnog? Insulted you or anyone? Have I never done your things. He says I’ve a lot of work. SHe says you always sideline me. You’ve to answer me. WHat’s my mistake. He says what do you want? Do your arti. This house, cars, money, what else do you want? SHe holds his hand and says your love, time and respect. It’s all because of you. You can take everything. I don’t want anything. I want the right to be your wife. Please. He shoves her and leaves. Depika cries.

Love comes to kitchen and says Depika came. I will see you soon. Please calm down Naina. Diya comes there. She says who was he talking to? Landline rigns. Diya picks it. Tina says have you started using landline? Diya says you? Tina says Niharika told me you were speaking to someone on call. She says I called maa. I was worried for her. tina says if you act smart you know what can I do.


Episode ends

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