Rishton Ka Manjha 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Arjun comes to the academy

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Diya says the warden should know Monica and her friends are drinking in the hostel. Her friends say she forced us. She made us drink. They fight with Monica. Diya says handle yourself. I should go and tell the warden you’re drunk. You’ll get eliminated.


Kush calls Arjun. His phone is off. Madhuri says Karan did this. He is always after Arjun. Amitabh says Arjun keeps leaving the house. He keeps making Karan’s life hell. He hit him, got his office raid. How long would Karan tolerate all this?

A girl says I am really scared. I heard this academy is haunted. Diya says in heart idea.. She says I have to act. Diya gets dressed as a ghost. She takes out a flashlight.

Amitabh says why can’t he move on. Why does he keep going after Karan, Madhuri says Karan is after Arjun’s life. Why don’t you stop him. Amitabh calls Karan. He asks if Karan is here? Karan says why would he come here. Amitabh says you and Arjun keep fighting. You are dragging Diya in this. If you harm Diya Arjun wont’ leave you. He’s not home. I don’t know what would he do. Karan says you should’ve stopped Diya. Tell Arjun his neck is in my hands, if he annoys me I will break it. He hangs up. Mahduri says where could he be. A maid comes in and says I had to go home. I saw Arjun on the way. He gave this letter for you.


Scene 2
Monica and her friends see a ghost. They faint.

Arjun reads sorry maa I had to leave without telling you. Not going forever, for a few days. Don’t cry. I have to end my incomplete story. It had to complete with Diya’s. I will come back soon with the trophy. take care and don’t cry. Love you. Love says he must be around the camp. Amitabh says I have to stop Arjun.

Scene 3
Arjun comes outside the academy. He meets the worker. He tells Arjun how Arjun is making Diya’s life hell through Monica. Arjun says you’ve to keep an eye on Monica. He says you can stay in the staff quarters. No one will see you there. Arjun says thank you so much. THey sneak inside.


Diya comes to the office and looks for Arjun’s file. The closet is locked. Karan gets a call. Karan calls Monica but she isn’t picking. Karan says did they drink themselves instead of giving it to Diya. I’ve to go there. Diya tries to open the shelf.

Arjun sneaks in with the worker. He says I have kept your bed ready. Don’t turn on the light. He says sorry sir this place isn’t worth you. Arjun says all of that doesn’t matter. Just take care of Diya. He says I used to watch your matches, I was your big fan. He says I could never believe you could do drugs. You still have your loyal fans who trust you. Arjun says thank you. I’ve seen this love after so long. You should go before someone sees you. Arjun says I am here for you Diya.

Scene 4
Diya looks for Arjun’s file. karan comes outside. A girl tells him they saw ghost. Pinky has fever. He says grow up. Karan is outside Diya’s room. He says I can’t go inside. What to do. Karan peeks inside, Moinca and her friends are passed out. He says that means Diya didn’t drink but where is she? Diya finds the file. she says I am sure it has all the details.


Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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