RadhaKrishn 7th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Radha’s Demand

RadhaKrishn 7th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha announces that she will marry Hans. Everyone are shocked to hear that. Radha says Hans has freed Dwarka citizens in exchange. Hans says they will start this new relationship tomorrow with a pooja and thanks Mahadev for his boon because of which he is marrying Radha. Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that everyone will think Hans is marrying Radha really due to Mahadev’s boon. Mahadev says he is not bothered about others, but her opinion matters to him.


Revati, Rukmini, and Balram insist Radha to change her decision. Radha says she is stopping a water and saving people’s lives with her decision. They walk away disappointed. Radha cries. Krishna brings food for her. She cries hugging him. He consoles her. Radha asks if he thinks she is wrong. Krishna says if she has taken decision for Dwarka citizens’ benefit, then she is not wrong. Radha thanks him for understanding her. She says they both are one and asks her to have food or else she will get weak. Radha says she is not hungry. He asks how is it possible that body’s half part is hungry and other half part doesn’t to have food. Radha says he cannot force her. He calms her down and feeds her food.

Next morning, Hans notices decoration for the ritual and thinks its not up to his expectation, but he is happy that he is marrying Radha. Dimbak hopes Hans changes after marriage. Krishna gets Radha ready and takes her to ritual venue. Rukmini and Revati discus that Krishna cannot see Radha’s sadness. Krishna makes Radha sit with Hans. Hans says let us start the ritual with love. Radha asks what if its a business. Hans says he can prove that he loves her. She asks him to weigh her with gold and prove that she is more important to him. Hans says he will fulfill her small demand and orders the bring a weighing machine. Radha oughweghs gold with just her one hand. Hans is shocked to see that. Nishat asks him to leave as he failed to keep his promise. Hans says his gold hasn’t ended yet and he needs one more chance. Radha says until he weighs her with equal amount of gold, he will not force anyone to marry. Hans agrees.

Precap: Hans plans to attack Kuber to loot his gold and marry Radha.


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