RadhaKrishn 14th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Krishna Kills Shalv

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Shukracharya tells Shalv that he will hide him in patal lok where Krishna cannot reach. Radha says he cannot use his evil powers and attacks him with chalastra. Shukracharya feels unharmed with it, creates a patal lok door for Shalv and sends him to patal lok. Shalv laughs thinking Krishna cannot reach him now, but is shocked to see himself in battlefield in front of Krishna. Krishna asks if he thinks only Shukracharya can use chalastra and not Radha. Radha tells Krishna that she wants to give one last chance to Shalv to repent. Devi Gauri asks Mahadev why did Radha give a last chance for Shalv. Mahadev says Radha is kind hearted.


Shalv runs from Krishna but finds him in front of him. Krishna says he cannot escape from his sins, so he should apologize Pradyumna and others for his sins. Shalv runs again. Radha says let us see if Shalv stops and apologizes or else Krishna can punish him. Shalv remembers Krishna beheading his friends and thinks its an illusion or else Krishna wouldn’t have spared him by now. Radha asks Krishna to do justice now. Krishna gets his sudarshan chakra and beheads Shalv. Pradyumna, Saambh, and Nishant rejoice seeing that.

Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that they think a person can change till the last second of his life and turn good, so Radha gave Shalv one last chance, but Shalv didn’t use it and lost his life. Krishna visits her and says he wants to inform that he will give a fair chance for each person and if they apologize, he will spare them. He asks why Mahadev is not opening eyes. Devi Gauri says he will not and is in deep meditation. Krishna says meditation is good. Mahadev via telepathy thanks Krishna for his kindness. Krishna replies even Mahadev will do same in need.

After sometime, Krishna notices Radha watering plants and sends a rabbit to her. Radha feels happy seeing a rabbit. Krishna plays bansuri and takes her to their usual spot. Dwarka says she feels Dwarka is beautiful and she wants to stay back here. Krishna says her decision may change and she may want to stay somewhere else. She says she will stay wherever Krishna is. She says time will reveal it and says its time for Subhadra to leave Dwarka, so he will go and make her travel arrangements. Radha gets confused.


Krishna then walks to Revati and asks if she is searching Dau. She says yes. Balram is seen serving Vasudev and says he wants to finish Krishna’s task and doesn’t want to trouble him. Vasudev says he is a kind warrior. Krishna walks in. Vasudev says Balram is tired after continuous wars and needs rest. Krishna agrees. Radha gifts Subhadra a shawl for her travel. Subhadra apologizes her for her misunderstanding. Radha says they are sisters, so she shouldn’t apologize and cheer up.

Precap: Krishna celebrates. Balram asks reason. Krishna says Yashoda maiya has invited him, but he cannot visit her.

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