Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 3rd March 2022 Written Episode Update: Khanderao gets tricked by Gunu ji

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 3rd March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gunu ji doing a big drama in front of Khanderao. He says I can’t tell this to Malhar, but you are of my age, how long will I get punished for my dad’s deeds, you always informed me your plans and took my advice, why did you hide the plan this time, I knew that dad’s mistake will spoil my image, you have proved my fear right, so I decided to give up my responsibility by keeping my sword in your feet. Khanderao asks why are you saying this.


Ahilya asks about the best quality threads. The man says yes. Ahilya praises the women for doing the best work. She says I will buy the sarees made by you all for Gautama. The lady says our fate is good. Gunu ji says there is no use that I stay here, dad is missing, I stayed here for my Rajya Malwa, then I thought I will clear the stain by my Rajya love, but I m regarded a thief, its better I leave. Khanderao says its nothing like that, if Sita goes away with you, Dwarka won’t be able to tolerate, she respects you. Gunu ji says faith is also imp, I lost your faith, you questioned me the day dad went missing. Khanderao says I questioned, but didn’t suspect you, I didn’t know that you will feel so bad, I trust you, you are my family, friend. Gunu ji asks will you trust me as you used to trust Parikshit. Tukoji says your husbands have come to pick you all. Ahilya teases the women and asks them to go. He says I have to stay here for security purpose, you go to the palace. She agrees.

Gunu ji thanks Khanderao for his trust. Khanderao asks him to keep his sword. Gunu ji asks are you really saying this, or will you hide anything again, it will be my insult. Khanderao says no way, I will never hide anything. Gunu ji says I will become your best loyal friend from now, you will be proud of me. He hugs Khanderao and thinks you are inexperienced and emotional, I can make you do anything. Khanderao comes to pick Ahilya. She smiles.

The women tease her. Khanderao asks what was that. Ahilya asks what. He says that she said. She says there wasn’t a need to say that you came to take me. He says why, I said the truth, didn’t you like it. She says think of it, there are many people around, Tukoji is also here. He says it means you didn’t like it, fine, I will go. She stops him and goes to him. she says I just realized how it feels some a husband comes to pick his wife, its not about protection but love, this moment with you is precious for me. They smile.


Ahilya’s business goes on well. Dwarka looks on. Gunu ji pays Girdhar. Ahilya says for the first time, our workshop stock will be sent to the customers. Girdhar pays the man and asks him to come to him with the stock. Ahilya sends the stock in the cart. Girdhar says we have to take the stock and sell it, we will make profit, Ahilya will get defamed, then everyone will not trust her. The man brings the stock to him. Girdhar asks the men to unload the stock. Ahilya is in disguise of the cart driver. She shocks them by removing the veil. Girdhar worries. She says I know your every plan.

Malhar says I want to give a place to Ahilya in this Darbar, I declare her the head of the Malwa Rajya business.

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