Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 13th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Malhar and Tukoji make a plan

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 13th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gautama saying you got Malhar here to make him meet Ahilya, right. She says she wanted to talk to you. He asks what’s the matter. Gautama says I will tell you, Ahilya doesn’t trust Dhaneshwar’s truth, she has some doubts, I know everything. Harku looks on. He asks why is Ahilya suspicious. Gautama says she has a habit to dig out the roots, she is doing the same thing in this matter. He asks where is she, I want to know it from her, what is the reason for her doubt. She says Ahilya isn’t there in the palace, I m the queen of Malwa, I have taken this decision, I have sent her to Shivpuri for three days on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. He asks why suddenly. She says it was imp to take this decision, her focus doesn’t get off the Darbar work, so I had to take this step, until she comes back, Dhaneshwar’s death will happen, this bad chapter will end forever, I will decide which work she will do.


Dwarka says its good you have come to me, Gautama would have done something by now. Rakma smiles. Malhar gets sad. Gautama says you can call me wrong. Harku says sorry to speak in between, you and Malhar will decide about Ahilya, I have no right to say, but at this time, I got Malhar here to save an innocent man. Gautama says it means you also think Dhaneshwar is innocent. Harku says Ahilya had told me and now I also doubt that Dhaneshwar has accepted someone else’s crime, if you heard her then you would… Gautama says no, I don’t want to talk on this matter, Ahilya should focus on the family, I want this, it should happen.

She says politics is an addiction, if a person gets addicted to it, then he can’t do anything else, I will not let this happen with Ahilya. Malhar says you know Ahilya since years, I regret that you couldn’t understand her, if she had a doubt on Dhaneshwar’s matter, then she will not leave her work, she will bring out the truth, you may send her anywhere far, but she will solve this matter, you and I can’t do anything. He goes. She worries and thinks I want my son’s happy family. She prays.

Malhar recalls Harku’s words. He calls Tukoji. He asks can you surely say that Dhaneshwar is the culprit. Tukoji says he confessed the crime, the evidences are against him. Malhar says I know, I felt there is something wrong, so I had threatened him but he stayed firm on his word, Ahilya doesn’t trust him, she is saying he is innocent. Tukoji says then there will be something, she doesn’t talk without a reason. Malhar says yes. Tukoji says Dhaneshwar said he is the culprit, he won’t change his statement, tell me, what should we do. Malhar thinks. Dhaneshwar recalls Malhar’s words.


An intruder faints the guards and goes to the prison. He takes the guard’s sword. He cuts Dhaneshwar’s chains. Dhaneshwar asks who are you, who has sent you. The man says the same person who had sent you here to take this blame, just leave from here before its morning. The guard says someone attacked the prison guards and took away Dhaneshwar. Malhar says find that attacker, I want Dhaneshwar captive. He says its wrong. The man asks Dhaneshwar to leave and not come back. Dhaneshwar asks why are you saying this. The man says you accepted the crime, the real culprit is safe, you will be alive, don’t give life for someone else, go fast. The guards come. Its Tukoji who made him elope. He asks guards to follow Dhaneshwar, he will go to his family or the real culprit. The guard says other guards are also finding him, they don’t know our plan. Tukoji says don’t worry for them, get all the info from Dhaneshwar. The guards leave.

Tukoji goes to Malhar. He says work is done, we will know Dhaneshwar’s real face now. They hear some sound. Malhar goes to see. He sees the guards bringing Dhaneshwar.

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