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Gurinder asks Vikram why he is taking Rakesh’s name. Vikram keeps calling out Rakesh’s name leaving everyone confused. Parineet realizes that Vikram might have found that Rakesh is here. Hope he doesn’t expose Rakesh or Rajeev will be in trouble. Vikram takes Rakesh’s name. Vikram says that MLA came here looking for Rakesh saying that he is disconnecting his calls. Rakesh was doing that as he was right here! Rakesh tells Parineet to ask Vikram who has told him this. You otherwise know what I can do. She asks Vikram who tells her baout the jeep. Jaswant assures him that they will find out Rakesh. Vikram says that’s not important but I cannot find Simar anywhere. He shows her chain to everyone and asks Monty to speak up. Parineet asks Rakesh if he has done something to Simar. Rakesh decides against telling her the truth. Parineet asks him again but he feigns innocence. Parineet is sure he is behind Simar’s disappearance. He stops her from getting up. She tells him that she agreed to his condition to marry him. Now I will sit in this mandap when you will accept my condition. She stands up. Gurinder asks her what she is doing.


Rajeev prays to Baba ji to let him reach the venue safely. Rakesh doesn’t even love her and I am sure Parineet must have not have harmed anyone ever in her life. Help me so I can help Parineet! He jumps when the snake lunges at him. He tries to shoo the snake. Shera and Jai spot him. Shera wonders how he is so lucky. Jai suggests that one must not move when the snake is in front of them. Shera asks him why he is telling this to Rajeev. Jai says I am saying it so he wont move. It will be easier to kill him then. Shera tells Rajeev that they don’t have any enmity with him. We must kill you for Rakesh’s sake though. They both shoot at Rajeev who ducks but the snake starts chasing Jai and Shera. They run to save themselves while Rajeev goes in another direction.

Pundit ji asks Parineet to sit down or we will have to start the rituals from the scratch. Parineet is worried for Simar and refuses. Mandeep panics as well. Jaswant tells her not to worry. We will find Simar. Vikram says I have checked every corner but Jaswant tells him to check once again. We will take help from police otherwise. Mandeep argues that police isn’t needed. They all start arguing. Rakesh is irked as to why this family wont stop worrying. She has only disappeared. Gurinder supports Parineet. Parineet is opening the gathbandhan. Rakesh asks her what she is doing. She replies that she is going to look for her sister I wont marry you till the time I find her! She goes. Gurinder tells her son that Parineet is way better than what she had thought of her. When will this sehra be removed? I am tired of speaking to you like this. Gurinder asks pundit till when will Rajeev wear this sehra. You only told Rajeev to cover his face with the sehra. Pundit ji denies. Gurinder realizes that it is Rakesh and takes his name. I will tell everyone!

Rajeev stops as he runs out of breath. I know that I can be easily found as I am being chased by 2 people. They will shoot me when they will sport me! I must tackle them individually. He throws 2 stones when Jai and Shera come near the tree behind which he is hiding. Jai and Shera argue about the source of the sound and go in different direction. Rajeev runs in a different direction altogether. He finds the bonfire lit in a corner and finds a basket there. He finds wire inside and decides to make use of it.


Rakesh thinks that he dint mean to hurt Gurinder but she is left with no choice. He starts walking towards her when Gurinder laughs. Gurinder asks him which pundit ji has he met who told him this. Bittu asks him the same thing. Why did you call him Rakesh? Gurinder says I was testing him to see if he will take it off his face but he dint. I am proud of him. Let’s find Simar asap so the wedding can happen. He kisses her hand. She goes. Rakesh tells Bittu to drag the trunk from there as Simar is hiding in it. Rakesh heads inside.

Shalu enters just then and thinks that Rakesh has been exposed which is why no one is here. She thanks Baba ji for saving Parineet. She asks a lady about the family. She tells Shalu that everyone is inside.

No one is able to find Simar anywhere.


Rakesh is pacing in the room when Bittu brings the trunk. Rakesh is frustrated over the way things are turning out. Now Parineet also knows that it’s me. Bittu says I was worried when that happened. Rakesh shares that he had to tell her or she wouldn’t have agreed to marry him. Bittu realizes that this means that Parineet really loves Rajeev if she is doing it for him. Rakesh nods. I cannot bear it that someone else matters to her more than me which is why I got him killed.

Jai and Shera don’t see Rajeev and wonder if the other person was right about the direction from which the noise came. Rajeev overpowers Jai just when he turns. He ties his hand and feet with tape and then the rope across 2 trees.

Bittu asks Rakesh if he has killed Rajeev. Rakesh nods. I don’t leave any loopholes in my plan. Parineet wont marry me till the time Simar is found. Bittu suggests taking Simar outside. Rakesh knows that he will be exposed if that happens but Bittu insists that Parineet wont agree to marry him if Simar isn’t found. Rakesh decides to open the trunk. Bittu is worried that it might not open but Rakesh uses a pin to open it and succeeds. Simar is lying unconscious inside.


Shalu asks a lady about Parineet and her family. She points to the room and ends up sneezing on Shalu’s face. The lady apologizes to her. Shalu heads for the washroom.

Rajeev hears footsteps from behind and gets tensed. Shera points a gun at him from behind. Rajeev picks up some dirt in his hands. Rajeev throws it in Shera’s eyes and hides. Jai looks at Shera in shock. He shakes his head as Shera runs towards him. Shera falls. He tries to shoot Rajeev but Rajeev hits at his hand. They get into a scuffle. Rajeev aims the gun at Shera within minutes. Your life is in my hands now! I will shoot you two and the case will be of self defence. Just do as I say so you can save yourselves. Shera asks him what.

Bittu calls Rakesh an expert in breaking locks like thieves. Rakesh takes Simar out and tells Bittu to give him water. They sprinkle it on Simar’s face. She gains conscious and is shocked to see Rakesh.


Precap: Rakesh threatens Simar but she pushes him and runs out to tell everyone. Shera and Jai are in the back of the tempo. Rajeev tells them to stay put as he has to go somewhere else right now. He heads to the venue. Family members ask Simar where she was. She points at Rakesh. He is behind it. Catch him! Rajeev is running towards the door. Parineet looks up.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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