Parineeti 14th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Rakesh convinces his father for the marriage

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MLA asks Rakesh to show his face. I will now spare this village or anyone if my son wont come in front of me in 5 minutes. This isn’t a threat but a warning. Even this Inspector wont be able to save you then. Tell me now. This is your last chance. Inspector wont otherwise spare this groom! He hits Bittu as he tries to tell him again. MLA asks everyone not to try and stop him. Remove this sehra! Rakesh walks up to him. His father pushes him away but Rakesh manages to show him his face. Jaswant asks Rakesh’s father to leave. I will otherwise forget who you are. MLA looks at Bittu who nods at him slightly. Vikram comforts Parineet. MLA apologizes to Jaswant. My mind is not at the right place right now. Please let me speak to the groom in private to feel better. Gurinder refuses so Bittu offers to accompany Rakesh.


Everyone tells Inspector to do something but he tells them to let them be. Maybe Rajeev will tell him something in private. Your son wont be spared then. Monty wants to take action but Gurinder reasons that he has power. Let things get sorted here only. Parineet blames herself for everything. Rakesh came in their life because of me. I wonder why he isn’t picking his father’s phone.

Rajeev tells Shera and Jai that they are making a mistake. Shera and Jai tie his legs and hands. Shera tells him to be quiet. We have to think how to take care of you. Rajeev agrees not to say anything even if he heads home. Jai says we can do anything for Rakesh. Rajeev tells them to understand. Rakesh is not the right guy for Parineet. Will you marry your sister to him?? They become quiet for a few seconds but then laugh. Jai says we wouldn’t have let it happen if it was our sister but we don’t have a sister. Be quiet and let Rakesh marry Parineet. They lock the tempo. Rajeev prays to Baba ji for help. Shera starts driving.

Rajeev sits up and shouts for help. Let me go. It is very important. Rajeev manages to free his hands and then he unties his legs as well. Jai says Rakesh wouldn’t have spared us if he had run away.


MLA brings Rakesh and Bittu to a room. Rakesh asks him what he has eaten today. Thank God that you understood finally. His father starts hitting him with his shoe. Bittu intervenes. Rakesh asks him why he is doing this. His father reminds him that he told him not to come here yet you did this. Rakesh says it is a matter of heart. You wont understand though as it is your age! His father asks him why he was cutting his calls. Rakesh says I was sitting in the mandap. His father asks about Rajeev and how he took his place. Rakesh tells him. Parineet and others are headed to their room.

Rakesh says Shera and Jai will take care of Rajeev. Bittu adds that he has run away. Rakesh insists upon marrying Parineet his father refuses. Will you kill everyone else once you are married and the sehra is lifted? Rakesh reasons that it wont change anything later. Parineet will come to our house. I will make her say all the good things once we are married. You will get the election ticket too. This is the right time! MLA says let me close the window and think. Monty asks Parineet and Gurinder if they should peek inside from the window once. We shoud see what’s going on inside.

Vikram looks inside and thye see MLA hugging Rakesh. He has his back to them. Flashback shows Rakesh going to close the window. He notices someone’s hand from the other side and BIttu and his father rush to his side. MLA hugs him and smiles at Vikram and his family. He tells everyone not to worry. Rajeev has cleared the misunderstandings. He has told me everything honestly. Even Rakesh called me. His phone got stolen. I said so many mean things to you in front of everyone. Let me apologize in front of everyone. Parineet heaves a sigh of relief. All the misunderstandings are clear now.


Monty wonders if something is fishy. MLA took Rajeev inside while holding him close. She dismisses it.

Gurpreet asks about Simar. Nupur starts speaking about Simar and the trunk when Beeji asks her to shift the trunk closer. I will keep my feet on it and sit. Harman moves it closer to Beeji. Gurpreet is worried as to what might be going on inside. He assures her that everything will be fine.

MLA comes out and apologizes to Mukhiya ji and everyone. Let Rajeev marry Parineet. He apologizes to Gurinder who folds her hands quietly signalling him to leave. He complies. Rakesh and Parineet sit in the mandap. Gurpreet does their gathbandhan.


Rakesh looks at Parineet. No one can save you now! It’s fine if you do things as per my wish or I will ruin your life in no time. Let me have some fun first though! Parineet thanks Baba ji for saving Rajeev. Don’t let anything happen to him in future too.

Rajeev is worried that he might be killed if he wont do anything now. He jumps from the tempo. Shera and Jai hear the thud and chase him. Shera hits him from behind. Rajeev passes out. Jai asks him if Rajeev is dead now.

Parineet keeps her hand on Rakesh’s hand. She is instantly reminded of Rakesh. She feels uneasy as Rakesh squeezes her hand. She catches a glimpse of him as he leans forward. She stands up in shock and drops ghee. Gurpreet and Gurinder ask her what happened. Gurpreet tells her not to worry. It will be cleaned. Parineet asks her mother to take her inside. Gurpreet nods. Rakesh wonders if she has figured out that he is sitting her in Rajeev’s place. Parineet connects the dots as she heads to the room with her mother. Rakesh gets tensed.


Shera says he dint die after jumping from so high but he died now. This is weird. He is dead!

Gurpreet tells Parineet not to worry. The stain will go away. Don’t be worried. Parineet thinks of her past meetings with Rakesh. The man behind the sehra isn’t Rajeev but Rakesh! I cannot marry him. She turns and is shocked to see Rakesh standing behind her.

Precap: Rakesh tells Parineet that his men will not spare Rajeev if she will refuse to marry him. She refuses. Rakesh calls Shera. Pari has seen my face and has refused to marry me. Shera asks him what they should do now. Rakesh order him to kill Rajeev. Shera and Jai bury Rajeev. Rajeev screams for help. Rakesh smirks at Parineet.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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