Parineeti 12th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Rakesh’s father causes a commotion at the wedding

Parineeti 12th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajeev watches Shera and Jai run in a different direction. He runs in the opposite direction.


Vikram asks about the fire but he is told that there is nothing.

Bittu sends a voice note to Rakesh that the work is done. He hears it through his earbuds and smiles. Bittu comes the room and is shocked to see the trunk missing.

Gurpreet and Monty are taking it downstairs. Harman helps Monty. Rakesh is happy thinking that no one can touch him now. I will see who will stop this wedding [email protected] I am the smartest boy of Barnala now. Gurpreet is unable to open the trunk. Rakesh offers to help her instead. Bittu comes running downstairs. He coughs and catches Rakesh’s attention. He signals Rakesh against it. Rakesh’s eyes widen in shock. Gurpreet tells him to be careful. It is quite old. She asks her husband to open it instead. Jaswant is not able to open it either. Gurinder offers to give the chunri for gathbandhan as it is taking a lot of time. we shouldn’t let the mahurat pass. I had called for one but I was quiet thinking that you have chosen one already. Rakesh hugs her out of excitement. Gurinder says you have never hugged me like this before. Are you this happy? He nods. Rakesh thinks that he would have gotten Gurinder married to his dad if he wasn’t married. She is so nice. She even stopped them from opening the trunk. She must have been my mother in the previous birth.


Jai tries to stop Rajeev from fleeing on a bike. Rajeev hits him. Jai hurts his leg as he falls. He shouts for help. Shera shoots at Rajeev but in vain. The constable runs after his bike. Shera helps Jai. I know a shortcut. We will use our tempo to chase him.

Rajeev looks back once to make sure that he isn’t being followed. He decides to call Parineet but realizes that he does not remember anyone’s number. He dials Rakesh from Jai’s phone. Rakesh picks the call. Rajeev says you tried to get me killed so you could marry Parineet. I am alive now. I would have backed off if you were a nice person but you aren’t. I wont let you marry Parineet. Leave the mandap or I will not spare you! Rakesh disconnects the call. Rajeev throws the phone angrily as the battery is dead. He starts the bike.

Gurpreet does gathbandhan and keeps the chunri around Rakesh’s shoulder. Parineet feels strange. Police comes there just then followed by the MLA. Pundit ji asks the groom to stretch his hand. Rakesh happily obliges. Parineet is asked to keep her hand over his. She wonders why she is feeling strange. Pundit ji asks her to keep her hand in the groom’s hand. Rakesh waits impatiently. Parineet is about to keep her hand on his when police enters. Police asks for Rajeev Bajwa and tells him that he cannot marry Parineet. Everyone is shocked. Inspector shares that he has come to arrest him. Gurinder asks for the reason when Rakesh’s father says we can. Rakesh wonders why he is here. Does he know that I am here? Gurinder and Rakesh’s father ague. Jaswant tells him not to ruin the wedding if he has come to take revenge of what had happened in the past. Rakesh’s father disagrees. Vikram tells him not to do any drama on his sister’s wedding. Rakesh’s father says I would have done it long ago if I had such plans. Let me tell you everything honestly. My son is missing. I am sure Vikram and this family knows about it. Rajeev is responsible for my son’s disappearance. Gurinder disagrees. He doesn’t even know your son. MLA says your son was the one who almost ended up sending my son to jail. Your son and Parineet had a fling and wanted to marry. You are making it happen too now that you got the chance.


Mandeep asks her husband if he believes her now. Harman tells her to be quiet. He tells MLA not to say anything that’s coming to his mind. We cannot accept this nonsense. All 3 families start arguing. Mukhiya ji tells everyone to calm down. MLA says I respect you but I want you to look at things from my perspective. We were insulted and sent back but I cannot bear it that Jaswant want to use his daughter. He even blames Neeti for everything. They are like real sisters. Your daughter must have told Neeti that she doesn’t want to marry Rakesh. That’s why Neeti did drama that day! I cannot believe that you dint trust my son. It wasn’t the truth though. You wanted to gain votes and win the election which is why you did that drama. Rakesh decides to tell his father that it’s him. MLA tells him to stay put. Gurinder warns him not to speak to his son like that. MLA rues that his son, Jai and Shera are missing. Vikram reasons that they might be at a friend’s place. MLA disagrees he has been cutting my phone every single time. he would have answered me otherwise. I am sure it is Rajeev who has kidnapped him. He was afraid that Rakesh might come to marry Parineet. Rakesh thinks that he should have done this that day. This is going to cost me this time! he asks police to arrest him. Gurinder and Jaswant try to explain but in vain. Rakesh walks towards his father but MLA pushes him. His sehra comes off. He has his back to everyone though but looks furious nonetheless.

Shera and Jai park the tempo in a corner and switch off the lights. They put nails on the road.

Vikram picks up the sehra. Rakesh hurriedly wears his turban and covers his face with the turban’s end. Bittu takes the sehra from Vikram and puts it on Rakesh. Rakesh hugs Bittu. Tell Dad that I am the one who is dressed here as the groom.


Sehra and Jai watch Rajeev’s bike coming towards them. Rajeev notices the tempo but ignores it. The bike gets punctured. Rajeev falls and hurts himself. Shera and Jai go to him. You have run enough! It is time to rest. Sit in the tempo quietly. You have to apologize to God for your sins too! They put him in the back.

Gurinder asks Rakesh if he is fine. He nods. She warns MLA not to touch her son ever again or he will regret it. Stop blaming my son and go to some theka to look for your son! He must be passed out somewhere! He takes it as an insult but she speaks in Rajeev’s favor. Even Vikram is furious but his family stops him from intervening. Bittu tries to talk to MLA but he refuses to hear him. You are my son’s friend but you are here with the guy who has kidnapped my son! Don’t you understand anything? Bittu murmurs that Rakesh hasn’t been kidnapped. He asks him about it loudly. Let me call him again. If he will answer this time then I will apologize to everyone and leave. Rakesh decides to answer the call but his father puts his on speaker. This irks the MLA all the more. Rakesh thinks to go outside but his father tells him to stay put. Remove your sehra and show me your face! Do as I say!

Precap: Parineet realizes that it is Rakesh and cries. Shera is sure someone must be praying for him from their heart as they see him still breathing. Rakesh orders his men to bury Rajeev while he is alive. Shera and Jai do as told. Parineet asks about Rajeev. Rakesh tells Parineet that Rajeev will never return now. Rajeev shouts and bangs at the trunk (maybe that’s what he is buried in) and shouts for help.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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