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Parineet says Rajeev doesn’t know what he means to me. He should know though. I should go and tell him.


Viraj asks Shera who this guy was. He has messed up my head. Take Rajeev outside asap. They put him in the canister and close it with the lid. Rakesh peeks outside. The way is clear. He tells Shera to kill Rajeev. There shouldn’t be anyone between us. Shera asks him what he is saying. Rakesh tells him to do as told. Jai and Shera pick the canister and head outside.

Jai complains to Shera that the canister is very heavy. Let’s wait for a few minutes. They drop it as they collid with Parineet. Her bangles break. She is a little hurt as well. Gurinder and Gurpreet scold the men. Parineet is in tears. We will get a new set. Shera smirks. Bhabhi ji wil get a new groom today with new bangles. Gurinder tells Parineet to relax. You have two mothers now. Nothing will go wrong. Kiran tells the men to continue with their work.

Jai asks Shera how Rajeev is so heavy. He doesn’t look like. Shera tells him to eat eggs. They keep on talking when Mukhiya ji notices them. He asks Jaswant where the dance troupe men are taking this drum. Jaswant asks them what’s inside. Shera and Jai stop in their tracks. Shera says Gurinder ji asked us to clean the room as it was in mess after the first groom left.


Viraj is eating sweets. Viraj recalls that he had come here with Neema. She will scold me if I don’t find her asap. Vikram asks him if he has fallen in love with her as he speaks about her so much. Viraj tells him not to say this. You cannot find good nannies so easily these days. He suddenly realizes that his phone is missing and heads to the room where Rajeev was.

Viraj stops Shera from taking the canister outside. My phone is inside. He pulls at it a little. The canister slips and tumbles. Rajeev’s face can be seen. All the men look on from far (but they don’t see Rajeev). Parineet feels strange and looks towards the door. Gurinder asks her if everything is fine. Gurpreet asks her as well. Parineet says I don’t know but I feel strange. I feel as if something inauspicious is going to happen. I am feeling very scared. Gurinder tells her not to think so much about the broken bangles. Think of good things only. Rajeev will always be with you. Don’t worry. I know what’s bothering you. Bangles are important for every married woman. Your set has broken so you are worried about Rajeev. Nothing will go wrong. Kiran says I heard it right then. You have 2 mothers. Parineet smiles. Gurinder tells her to keep smiling like this only.

Viraj tells Shera he wont spare him if his phone breaks. He starts walking towards the canister. Shera wonders what they will do now. Neema calls out to Viraj just then and hands him his phone. Viraj smiles. It was with her! Neema asks him why he left her alone. I don’t know anyone here. Be a little responsible. Viraj says I was calling you a teacher and I was right. She tells him to become serious for once. Shera and Jai take the canister outside. Neema excuses herself. Viraj takes everyone’s leave as well.


Gurinder and Kiran go to bring Rajeev. Parineet stops her mother. I want to tell you something. Gurpreet complies. Parineet shares that she has met Rajeev before. Gurpreet asks her when. Parineet reminds her how she had once asked her about love. She takes out Rajeev’s kerchief and smiles. You asked me his name. I dint know it then but I know it now. His name is Rajeev! Gurpreet asks her if it was Rajeev who had dropped her home that day. Parineet nods. Gurpreet is grateful. You got the one you like! I am super happy. Hope no evil eye befalls you! She puts kala teeka behind Parineet’s ear and hugs her. we will marry you happily now! She takes Parineet outside.

Shera and Jai put the canister in Bittu’s tempo. A taxi arrives just then. Driver honks. The girl (Sejal) tells him to stop. You will get me in trouble. She notices the tempo as she heads inside.

Jai receives Rakesh’s call just then. Everything is going as per plan so far. Bittu will stay with you only. Rakesh agrees. Keep me posted. Gurinder comes with Kiran just then and introduces her to him. Kiran teases him to come with them now. Gurinder tells him that he is going to make her dream come true by marrying Parineet. I cannot tell you how happy I am today! Everyone should have a son like you who takes care of her every wish. Rakesh is irked. She talks so much. Kiran hopes she gets a MIL like her. Gurinder assures her it will happen. You have my blessings.


Sejal notices Bittu going inside. She becomes suspicious but other girls pull her for a dance. She runs upstairs and collides with Mandeep next. Mandeep asks her where she is going in such rush. Sejal says the environment is such that I cannot control myself. She clicks Mandeep’s picture and confuses her with her words. She disappears by the time Mandeep looks behind as asked.

Sejal calls Shalu. I am inside the house. I will find Rakesh in 5 minutes if he is indeed here. Shalu looks at her watch. I will be there by then too.

Rakesh and Parineet are asked to stop for a picture before going to the mandap. Sejal sits down nearby. Rakesh looks at Parineet. She doesn’t even know who she is going to marry. I will marry her, have suhagraat and then I will make her life miserable. She doesn’t even know what she is getting herself into!


Kiran asks Rakesh to remove his sehra. Even girls don’t feel so shy. She offers to do it but then stops. Kiran asks Parineet to remove it. Sejal looks on. Parineet is hesitant but Gurinder tells her to do it. Rajeev is yours after all. Gurpreet tells Parineet to do it. Rakesh closes his eyes as Parineet inches closer. Bittu stops them just then. I am Rajeev’s friend. Pundit ji told Rajeev not to remove his sehra till the time he gets married. Gurinder asks him who he is. Bittu says I am his friend who was asked not to come over as we are drinking buddies. Gurinder says he was right. Don’t come home now either. Bittu nods.

Sejal tells Shalu she will send her proof asap. The call disconnects. Sejal greets the bride and groom. She drops something on Rakesh’s feet. He winces and she clicks a photo of Rakesh as she bends to pick the glass. Parineet says your voice sounds different. Are you fine? Sejal takes Rakesh’s name.

Jai stops the tempo seeing police ahead. Shera says it will create a doubt in his mind. Constable asks them to come. Jai is reluctant but Shera tells him to act normal. Drive away if you think he is suspicious. Jai resumes driving. Constable asks Jai why he stopped the tempo. What’s inside? Jai and Shera say it is nothing but constable is suspicious as of now. He even notices the fake beard. Shera pushes him and they drive away. Police follows the tempo on bikes.


Gurinder tells Sejal her son’s name is Rajeev. Bittu drops something on Gurinder’s feet. She screams. He points out that even her voice changed when someone screams. Gurinder calls it normal. He points out the obvious. He asks Sejal who she is. I have never seen you here before. Sejal says I am no one. Focus on the wedding. She excuses herself. Bittu takes Rakesh inside to clean up.

Sejal informs Shalu that she has to leave for a very big mission. You sent me here as someone spotted Rakesh’s car nearby. The groom is no one else but Rakesh. She asks if Sejal she is sure. Sejal nods. I have even clicked his photo. It is a little blurred but I am certain it is Rakesh. I must leave now. Please take it forward from here. Sejal wonders what she should do. She calls Parineet but her cousin picks up Parineet’s phone. Sejal tells Simar to listen to her. Simar trips on her way out and the call gets put on speaker accidentally. Shalu tells her that the guy in sehra is Rakesh. Tell everyone immediately! Rakesh overhears it as well and picks the phone before Simar can take it.

Precap: Simar reaches the corridor but Rakesh covers her mouth before she can shout. He puts Simar in a trunk next and heads out. Shera and Jai throw the canister down a small hill upon Rakesh’s advice and smirk. Parineet feels something strange again and gets tensed. Rakesh smirks.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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