Pandya Store 18th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Raavi gets accused

Pandya Store 18th February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gautam apologizing to Janardhan. Janardhan smiles seeing the people there. Prafulla smiles. He says Gautam, there is no problem in Lord’s service. Shiva says you are the reason for all this, you laid the nails on the road and got our tempo punctured. Rishita asks how do you know that my dad did this, do you have a pic. She says sorry dad and Bua, thanks for keeping a plan B. Prafulla says its fun, Suman didn’t get up today.


Suman says I would have beaten Janardhan is he was at my home. Mahant says amazing, no one becomes inferior when he apologizes, he gets more respect. The snake charmer calls Raavi and asks for the snake. She says I m coming, wait there. She says Dhara, I have stomach ache, I have to go home. She runs. Suman asks where did she run away. Shiva says don’t know. Janardhan says Gautam, don’t apologize, we are one family. He asks Dev to hug him. Gautam says Dev.. Dev and Gautam hug Janardhan. Kamini smiles.

Rishita hugs Kamini. Shiva says I will not leave Janardhan. Suman says calm down, it’s a temple. He says Janardhan is doing something wrong. Raavi reaches home. She asks the snake charmer to come in. Krish thinks to tell Dhara or not. He says I have to tell something imp, don’t question me. She asks what happened. He says I had seen Kamini coming to our locality in an auto, hiding her face. Rishita scolds him. Krish says you think why did she come in an auto, you are intelligent, you think about it, Kamini has many cars, why would she come there, cows never came in our lane. Rishita says I m sure that you saw someone else, you always blame my family.

Krish says no, someone in your family is beautiful also, like you. Rishita says everyone praised Hardik, my family got the food for us, everyone was angry to apologize, Krish was sleeping yesterday, then when did he see Kamini. The snake charmer gets the snake. Raavi asks him to go. Rishita asks Krish to prove that Kamini was involved. Dev says we have cctv camera in the lane, we will find out, if Krish is wrong, then I will beat him. Dhara asks them not to create big problems and come home, Shiva took Suman home. Raavi gives the money. She says I had prayed a lot for you. The man gets angry and goes. Raavi sees Shiva and Suman coming. They ask Raavi what was she doing. Raavi says I got the snake charmer home to get the snake caught, you were in danger. The man asks Raavi why is she lying. He says you took the snake from me and gave me this money.


Shiva scolds Raavi and asks did you want Suman to die. He catches the man. Everyone comes. Shiva scolds the man. The man threatens to leave the snake there. Gautam asks him to leave if he caught the snake. Suman says whenever I think, you have Dhara’s qualities, her blood proves that her heart is black, she helped us in work today also, I was believing her and thinking to forgive her, she showed that she is fed by Prafulla. Dhara asks what happened. Shiva says Raavi has tried to kill Suman.

Gautam asks what nonsense. Shiva says Raavi got the snake home. Raavi says I didn’t get the snake to harm anyone. Shiva asks then why did you get it. Raavi says I did this to get you to my room. Dhara gets angry on her. She asks did you do this to get Shiva, didn’t you think of anyone else, Suman can’t walk, if anything happened to her then… Raavi says sorry, I didn’t know this would happen, I got the snake to scare Shiva, that snake wasn’t poisonous. Dhara says we didn’t know that, one can’t get love by force. Shiva says I told you, she doesn’t care for anyone, she just thinks of herself. Raavi says I didn’t intend to harm anyone. Gautam says sorry, I can’t support you. Dev says your way should be right. Rishita says you have other ways to get Raavi. Raavi says you can understand me, I didn’t wish to harm anyone. She cries. She says I m sorry. Krish comes and says I have come to prove the truth, now Rishita will believe me. Gautam asks him to say. Krish asks Rishita to get the laptop, he has the cctv footage.

Raavi says I swear I will prove my innocence. She packs her bag. She says I will get a proof for my innocence.


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