Pandya Store 14th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Gautam and Suman mortgage the property

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The Episode starts with Dhara seeing Rishita and Dhara asking her what will she choose, baby or house. Dhara cries. She says this time, its not a chance to compromise. Dev says bank is closed. Shiva asks him not to worry. They think what to do. Raavi says Dhara is coming home, talk to her with love, don’t get angry. Suman looks at her. She gets Gautam’s call. She asks him to keep her at Girdhari shop. Raavi asks where are you going. Suman asks why shall I tell you everything, go from here.


Kamini gets a call. She says congrats Janardhan, Rishita’s boss did the work, there are bank holidays for 3 days, we have to do this work now. Janardhan says good. Kamini says always, a family member is the reason for family’s breaking, like Rishita was the reason here, their family will also break, then we will get Pandya store. Gautam asks what are you doing. Suman says Dhara’s happiness is in her baby. Dhara comes home and checks her jewellery. She says I will keep my jewellery mortgaged. Gautam asks how can we keep the house and store mortgaged. Suman asks why not, you mortgaged your happiness for the family’s happiness, now this house and store will buy your happiness, this has no value in front of you. Gautam says my brothers have grown up now, they have own responsibility now, it will be wrong. Suman says its my property, I will decide, we had mortgaged it before also, we had faith on you, you will get it free. He says I don’t trust myself. She says I trust you, you have support of your brothers now. Krish sees Kirti in the library and keeps a sorry note with a samosa and chocolate. She gets it. She eats the samosa. Krish thanks her. She says our family has a problem with our friendship. He says forget them, friends. She smiles and hugs him. Ishq wala love….plays….

He says I like you a lot. She says aw, I like you too. She goes. Suman and Gautam meet Girdhari. She says we will give the paper when you give the money. Girdhari asks them to read the papers and sign. Gautam cries. Suman says read it well. Gautam says if we don’t pay the money with 10 % interest, then our house will get sold. Rishita comes home and shouts. She asks what do you want, I married by my wish, why do you want revenge on my family, how long will you do this. Kamini asks Kalyani to get breakfast for Rishita. Rishita says let me stay in peace, I m fed up, I will apologize, I m really very sorry, are you happy now. Suman says no one can sell my property. Gautam and Suman cry. Suman applies the thumb impression. Kamini says we also want your happiness. Rishita says you just give me sorrow. Kamini says we will pay the loan if you say, but your family has to plead us for help, our pain will get less, think about us, your family is thinking about Dhara’s IVF, not your loan. Rishita gets shocked.

Dhara asks when do we have to pay the loan. Raavi says one week, did you find out it, chill, you don’t worry, money is arranged, you take care of yourself. Rishita asks how do you know about it. Kamini says there is a Bhedi in every Lanka, that doctor knows me, Dhara said she will sell everything for the IVF. She lies about Dhara. Rishita claps for her. She says what a story, I know your tactics, you are saying this nonsense to provoke me. Kamini says just Dhara is Devi in that house, you are a doormat, she is very clever, check her. Raavi says go for counselling. Dhara says my number is registered in the bank, my phone will get the message, check it, did cash withdrawal message come. Rishita says I don’t have to check anyone, you are mistaken, you can’t provoke me, do anything you want, go to hell. She goes. Kalyani cries for her. Janardhan says your plan left. Kamini says its my promise, Rishita will come back with Pandya store. Dhara asks how did the money get arranged, tell me. Suman and Gautam come home.


Suman says that money will be used for IVF, my decision is final. Dhara says sorry, house and store won’t be mortgaged, if you do this, then I will never become a mother ever.

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