Pandya Store 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Dhara learns the loan matter

Pandya Store 13th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone stopping Rishita from telling the truth to Dhara. Everyone makes excuses. Shiva asks Dev to take Rishita to her room. Dev takes Rishita. Raavi and Shiva fake fight. Gautam holds his head. Raavi asks Shiva to come with her. They also go. Dhara says I feel they wanted to tell me something. Gautam says Shiva said they wanted to congratulate you. He takes her inside the room. Shiva and Raavi have a moment. She says sorry. He asks her to do something amazing, instead this sorry. She says leave my hand, anyone will come. She runs downstairs. He smiles. Its morning, Dhara and Raavi pray in the temple. Dhara says I feel selfish, I m using the money kept for you all.


Raavi says its fine, we all love you the most. Dhara says Rishita had come to talk about the money, right. Raavi says no, she came to congratulate you. She thinks sorry to lie in front of you, Lord. Anita comes to meet Kamini. He says you had put Rishita in risk as well. Kamini says its about revenge. Anita says give me some tips. Kamini says become close to Dhara and Gautam, give me their news. Anita says Rishita is against Dhara’s Ivf, she thinks they should pay the loan first. Kamini says its a great news. She hugs Anita. Rishita gets her boss’ call. She scolds him. He says you can’t talk to me like this. She says I will get Dev and Shiva to beat you. He says then come tomorrow, get the money along. She asks what, you said one week time is given. He says no, get the money tomorrow, else get ready to see the family in jail. Anita asks for money. Kamini gives her 1000rs and says get more news. Anita says promise, thanks. Dev says I m going to arrange money to give to Janardhan, you keep the money for Dhara’s treatment. Gautam says no, I will arrange that, we will pay the loan first, Dhara will also think of family first.

Dev and Shiva say we won’t let Dhara sacrifice for this family’s sake, you don’t act great now, we will get her treatment done. Dhara says I m glad that my family is with me. Raavi says we are always with you. Dhara asks Raavi to go to the college. She sees the bangles store and recalls Rishita. She buys bangles. Rishita says boss had called, he asked for repayment tomorrow, you all think its easy, you didn’t plan a child for ten years, and suddenly you want to plan it now, body needs rest too, why IVF right now, can’t you see the trauma we faced, we should plan to pay the money first, what’s the guarantee that IVF will work, we can plan surrogacy later. Raavi comes home and asks her to not be so practical. She scolds her and asks her to stop it, Dhara would be coming now. Dhara comes home and sees Rishita shouting on everyone. Rishita asks do you want you all to go to jail. Raavi says thank God, Dhara didn’t see you saying this, she did a lot for us. Raavi and Rishita argue. Raavi says if we can just pay the loan or opt for Dhara’s IVF, then we will choose her IVF always. Dhara gets shocked. Suman tells Kanta about IVF. She explains the process. Rishita says its a foolish decision to support Dhara for IVF and not tell her about the loan, you all will regret it. Dhara hides and cries. Rishita goes. Dev says sorry, whatever Rishita said. Gautam says she is right, we waited for ten years, we can wait for more, we have to pay the money to Janardhan, I got divided between Pandya store and Dhara.

Suman sees Dhara walking lost. She calls her out. Kanta says maybe your voice isn’t reaching her. Dhara recalls everyone’s words. Suman says I don’t know if I should tell Dhara about the loan. Kanta says its your decision, Dhara can have a child later, but you have to pay the loan right now. Suman says yes. She comes home and hears Raavi’s words that Dhara’s IVF will happen now, she did a lot for Dev, Krish and Shiva, she could have conceived that time, but she didn’t conceive for a reason. Shiva worries. Raavi asks Gautam does anyone do this in these times, can someone not become a mother to raise her Devars. Gautam thinks how did Raavi know this. Shiva asks Raavi to stop it. Suman is shocked. Raavi says Dhara wants to become mum now, we should support her. Shiva asks what is she saying, stop it. She says sorry, I have to tell them how imp Dhara is for us. Suman asks is Raavi saying the truth. Gautam gets sad. Suman says no, Dhara made me indebted now, how did she get courage to make such a big sacrifice. Gautam says Dhara shouldn’t know this. Suman says you both did wrong, why did she make this sacrifice. She cries.


Suman says that money will be used for your IVF, its my final decision. Dhara says sorry, house and shop won’t get mortgaged, if you don’t listen to me, then I will never become a mum in my entire life.

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