Pandya Store 11th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Rishita attempts to tell the truth to Dhara

Pandya Store 11th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhara asking why is everyone so angry, the doctor is ready to take money in instalments. Raavi asks what. Dhara says yes, but we have to pay the total amount before the IVF cycle completes. Everyone is shocked. Krish asks is Rishita’s boss getting this treatment done. Dhara asks are you joking, how did her boss come in between. Shiva stops Krish. Dhara asks what happened, is there any problem. Everyone says no. Dhara asks are you thinking of anything else. They say no. Gautam and Suman look on. Shiva says she wants to get IVF done by that 15 lakhs. Anita thinks there is major confusion here. Dhara asks what happened Rishita.


Raavi says nothing, we are happy that you are taking the life positively. Suman thinks Dhara was saying about these tests. Gautam thinks she is happy after a long time, what if she knows about the loan. Dhara sees Dev, Shiva and Krish behaving weird. Gautam smiles. Shivi asks Krish to play the song. They all dance. Hardik comes home. Prafulla smiles. Anita proposes Hardik for marriage. Hardik says yes, I will marry you. Everyone claps. Prafulla dreams of this. She smiles. Anita asks what are you doing. Prafulla looks for Hardik. Dhara hugs Suman and smiles.

Rishita goes to her room and worries. Anita says I can understand the problem, shall I talk to Dhara, I know everything, Gautam tells me everything, you can also share with me. Rishita says its a big problem, Kamini trapped me in a big fraud, we have to give 15 lakhs in one week, Dhara also wants the money for her IVF, the family doesn’t want to tell Dhara, Dhara can understand the situation, you tell this to Dhara. Raavi hugs Dhara and says your decision to do the IVF is a good decision. Dhara says this happened because of Suman, she has given me courage and hope, now you see, I will make you Chachi for sure. Gautam asks what shall I say. Krish says tell everything to Dhara. Dev says if she knows this, she will make us pay the loan and then stay sad. Gautam says our Pandya store will be in danger. Anita says both the things are necessary.

Rishita says I will tell this to Dhara. Anita says no, it will be a big issue. She hugs Rishita. Shiva says Dhara will take tension and then it will be our headache also. Dev says yes, we will find some way, we are with you. Gautam hugs them. Krish says but its imp to tell this to Dhara. Shiva and Dev ask him to shut up.


Raavi jumps on the bed and says I m so happy, I will become Chachi. Shiva says she is a kid. She feeds him the sweets and smiles. She falls over him. She says I will jump like this when I m a monkey’s wife, we have nine months. He asks will you be the baby’s Chachi after six months. She asks him to do something good. He asks what does she mean. He puts her on the bed. He feeds her the laddoo. They have a moment.

He says you will be going from here after 6 months, I don’t want to talk to you. Rishita says we can adopt a child instead the IVF, we can give money to repay the loan. Dev says she already adopted three of us, its not about adoption, its about a choice. Dhara smiles seeing the baby’s pic. Gautam comes. She hugs him and says I love you, I was so worried thinking how will you all react knowing about IVF, but you all supported me, we have to go for fertility test. Gautam says you will carry the baby. She says yes, but your tests are imp. Dev says its Dhara’s personal choice, don’t forget, you are responsible for our problem, I m not asking you to go and get money. Rishita says yes, I did a mistake, did I do this intentionally. He says we had an enough discussion. He goes. Kirti gets Krish’s audio message. Dev comes to sleep with Krish. Krish jokes. Rishita asks Dev to come with her. He says let me sleep. She says I want to talk, get up. She gets a bucket of water and pours on Dev. Dev shouts did you go mad. She says we have to talk to Dhara and tell her the truth. Raavi and Shiva look on. Rishita says I will go and tell her. Everyone runs after Rishita to stop her. Gautam says your body needs rest, you have tolerated a lot. Dhara says I m dreaming about the child, you want the child or not, the doctor will take care of me, just support me, will you support me. He says yes. She says sorry. Rishita knocks the door. Dev feeds the laddoo in Rishita’s mouth and lifts her to take her. Dhara opens the door and sees them.

Gautam says you all can’t leave us alone, go now. Dhara says maybe they came to say something. Rishita says I want to talk to you.


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