Nima Denzongpa 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Paras wants to end his engagement

Nima Denzongpa 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Paras wants to end his engagement

Nima Denzongpa 17th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sia is in the office, Nima calls her and says I have to tell you something important, I can’t wait anymore. Sia asks if everything is fine? Sia sees Shiv entering the office and gets excited. Sia tells Nima I will talk to you later, she ends the call and thanks, God. Nima is worried and prays to God to protect Sia, don’t give her pain, how will she bear it? Give her strength.


Asha comes to the pantry and is excited to see a lot of stuff, she starts stealing from there. Bakay comes there but he falls down. Asha hears him and hides before he can see her. Bakay looks around in the pantry, he doesn’t see her and leaves. Suresh hides and thinks he didn’t see her?

Sia is rehearsing how she will talk to Shiv. She approaches him, she asks how are you? He says I am fine. Sia says I have to talk to you privately. A manager gives her sweets and says Shiv got married so congratulate him. Sia is shocked to hear that. She composes herself and says congrats, she leaves from there.

Asha brings some items to Suresh and says I stole them for you. I had thrown oil so Bakay slipped and he didn’t catch me. Suresh asks her to keep it with you, I will take this from you later on. I can’t come to dinner tonight, I will meet you later on. Asha leaves. Suresh thinks I have to take someone’s help.


Tulika hears Sunita talking to someone. She sees her talking to a lawyer. He checks the property papers that Tulika made. She asks Sunita what is this? The lawyer says these papers say 70% of the house will go Tulika and 30% will go to Sunita. The lawyer leaves. Sunita tells Tulika to not act smart with me, I knew you would be up to something, I am not a fool even if I can’t read English. Tulika says it’s a misunderstanding, I will get the papers changed. Sunita says stop it, get 30% if you want otherwise you won’t get anything from me.

Sia comes to her desk and silently cries. She recalls her moments with Shiva and is hurt.

Paras tells Hemant that we don’t feel emotions, we get married even before we know feelings. Our families don’t even ask us about our feelings, they just arrange our marriages even before we mature. Hemant says we all do it, what’s the problem with Mitali? Paras says I don’t like her, she is a good girl but I don’t want to spend life with a person who I don’t like. Hemant says you don’t know Mania much, you are from a rich family and who is Mania? Paras says Mania understands me, she makes me feel good. I have to end this engagement, I have to follow my heart. Hemant says do you know if Mania loves you too? Paras says I will find out. He calls Mania and asks if they can meet? She says sure.


Nima is waiting for Sia. She calls her but Sia is still crying and doesn’t see her call. Nima gets worried and says maybe she found out the truth.

The episode ends.

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