Naagin Season 6 12th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Pratha Kills Lalith

Naagin Season 6 12th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inebriated Rishabh imagines strangulating Pratha and asks who is she and what is her motto. His friends alert him and asks what is he doing, he got whatever he wanted to and even married Pratha as per his wish, what is he up to. Rishab says he married Pratha to protect Ritesh from Pratha, he doesn’t know where Pratha came from and what is she up to, his dad is missing, she is responsible for all the problems happening and if something happens to his family, Pratha will be responsible and he will not spare her. Pratha removes her veil in Rishab’s room and finds wounds on her back. Mahek enters in naagin form and turning into human applies medicine to her wounds saying her wounds will be healed by morning once sunlight falls on them. Pratha says she could handle Ritesh easily, but Rishab is intelligent and will hinder her motto of fighting countries enemies. Mahek says Mahadev chose he as seshnaagin for a cause. Pratha she needs to keep herself away from Rishab.


Rishab walks in. Mahek turns into nagin again and crawls away from there before he could see her. Rishab gets romantic with Pratha. Tose Nainaa.. song plays in the background. He notices her back wounds and asks how did she get them, if she had gone to jungle to search his papa, where is his papa. She says she really doesn’t know where his father is. He acts romantic again and says he fell for her at first sight and married her. He asks her be ready and goes to bathroom to change. Mahek reaches jungle and finds Lalith missing from he pit. Pratha thinks how to keep Rishabh away from him, remembers Mahek suggesting her use naagin’s nidra aushadi/sleeping poison to make anyone fall alseep, turns into naagin and spills nidra aushadi in Rishabh’s milk. Red moonlight falls on her skin and it starts peeling off. She thinks red moonlight’s last moment rays are dangerous on her skin and her skin is exchanging at this moment. She feels severe pain.

Rishabh thinks Pratha is not innocent as she shows off, he needs to protect Ritesh from her; Ritesh wanted to marry Rhea, but Pratha trapped him in her love, etc. He back to room. Pratha gets tensed seeing him. He doesn’t notice her and throws his and Reem’s photo in a dustbin. Pratha gets back to normal and stands holding a milk glass for him. Rishabh acts romantic again and insists her to have milk as she saw her looking at it. Pratha remembers Mahek informing that nidra aushadi will affect even her if she consumes it. Rishabh forceeds milk to her. She gets inebriated and imagines multiple Rishabh. Rishabh finishes remaining milk and says he feels as if he had alcohol. They both act insane and dance on Ek hogaye Hum Aur Tum.. song and fall alseep in each other’s arms. Next morning, Pratha wakes up and finds herself lying in Rishabh’s arm. Rishabh also wakes up. She nervously tries to get up and finds her neckle entangled in his sherwani and somehow frees it.

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