Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 14th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Armaan laughs at Soumya

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 14th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya seeing the gift, the night gown. She gets shy. He holds her close and says wear it for me. She says yes, just for you. She goes to change. She comes wearing the night gown. Sona sona…plays… Armaan looks at her. She comes to him and closes eyes. He starts laughing. She starts worrying. He laughs and leaves from the room. She says what happened to him suddenly, why did he laugh and go. He says wedding first night is special for a girl, I m sure that you will never forget my laugh. She cries. Armaan says this is my style, the other person gets a slap but doesn’t know it. She changes clothes. She says I had to make a special start, I didn’t know that your laugh will become a reason for my tears. She goes to sleep.


Its morning, Soumya wakes up and sees Armaan beside. She says I want to know it. She doesn’t wake him. She goes to freshen up. She comes back and sees Armaan. Armaan surprises her with breakfast and gives her a rose. He asks are you upset. She says I m fine. He says you promised me, you won’t hide anything. She says I have to ask something, why did you laugh at me last night and left. He says I feel hurt when you misunderstand me, can I laugh at you, I was laughing at myself. She asks why. He says I got the typical gift and didn’t realize that you are not comfortable, I saw your hesitance when you had worn the night gown, I laughed at myself on my mistake, I went out to call the designer and get the right gift for you, I got this. He covers her with the saree and says you look so beautiful, your simplicity is something I love. She smiles. She says I m so sorry, I got confused, I don’t understand, I m stupid to misunderstand you. He says that’s all, so you are sorry. She says very sorry.

He says I will forgive you on one condition. She says I will do what you say. He says just go, wear this saree and come, keep your hair loose, you look really pretty. She says I will just come. She gets ready and comes. He smiles and compliments her. She says you understand me the most. He thinks you have to understand that I m the boss. He says I will take a shower and come. She says we have to show shagun gifts also. He says how sweet, we will go and see. They come downstairs. Sushma gives aarti to Armaan, not Soumya. Soumya says mum has sent shagun gifts, can you see once. Sushma says its good you told me, keep it anywhere, I will see it later. Soumya recalls her mum’s words. Kashish comes and hugs Sushma. She says Amrik dropped me, I will have my breakfast quickly. Tara nods. Soumya stops Tara and says mum has sent this for you, you take care of everyone, you take care of Prince like you are his mum, you are not maid of this house for me, you are a family member. Everyone gets shocked.

Sushma throws the gift away. Soumya asks did I make a mistake. Sushma says it’s a big insult. Soumya asks what. Sushma asks how dare you mistake Tara as a maid, she is my elder bahu. Soumya gets shocked.


Armaan says its step 2 to fool Soumya. Soumya says I want to make your fav food. Armaan’s dad asks her to make chicken. Soumya says its not possible for me to cook chicken.

Update Credit to: Amena

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