Mere Sai 23rd November 2021 Written Episode Update

Mere Sai 23rd November 2021 Written Episode Update

Mere Sai 23rd November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Salim snatches the track from Madhav. Madhav says it broke by mistake. Salim taunts him for not having the capacity to buy expensive things. You broke it because you were jealous. You want me to live like you in poverty. You couldn’t see me progress so you came to spoil my happiness. You call me your brother but you aren’t fit to be even called my friend. Get out of my house. I will throw you out of the house if you dare come here again! Rihana asks him if he is in his senses. What are you saying? Salim replies that those who wish to support him can leave too. Madhav leaves. Ali leaves the house as well as neither his Guru nor his teacher is respected here. Rihana tries to stop him but he tells her to let it. He will come back when he will come to his senses. Salim is hurt that Madhav broke his record. Rihana feels pity for him. He cares about the record but not about the friendship that he broke. Please help me Sai.


Madhav is in Dwarkamai. I did that unintentionally but he used those harsh words and broke our friendship. I wont forgive him even if he asks me now. Sai smiles. You were a teacher right? Did every student react in a similar manner during exams? Madhav denies. Everyone was of different nature and temperament. One kid even ended up vomiting because he was afraid. Sai says you must have scolded him or ousted him of the class then. Madhav denies. It would have been wrong. The kid was already worried. He would have forgotten everything if I had scolded him. As a teacher, I had to boost his confidence. Sai reasons that this applies on Salim too. Situations like today arise when Maalik wants us to learn something. If you look at this situation from your personal point of view and take his words to your heart then you will end up hating Salim. If you look at yourself as the teacher and at Salim as the student who is worried because of exam, you will be able to forgive him easily. Keeping hatred in your heart spoils your heart only. Madhav nods. I have understood your point. How can we help him? Sai says we have done enough. Situation is out of control now.

Salim is still miffed with Madhav. Rihana tells him to think of his son as well. He has been hurt by whatever happened. Ramdas ji’s assistant asks Salim to join Ramdas ji in Dixit guesthouse for dinner. Salim readily agrees. I have ample time for him. I will just bring my gramophone. The person denies. He said that it can be dangerous to bring it at night. He only wants to spend some time with you. Salim agrees. Ramdas ji’s assistant leaves. Salim tells Rihana he is going to eat dinner with Ramdas ji. He covers the gramophone. I haven’t been called over because of gramophone like some people outside and inside this house think. He leaves.

Rihana is closing the door when a goon enters the house. He pushes her and steals the gramophone. Rihana is wounded but she calls for help. A passer-by holds her just as she is about to pass out.


Salim returns home. Who would have made such a poor joke? Ramdas ji wasn’t even in Dixit guesthouse. He notices the door open. Rihana has become careless these days. The door is open.

The lady, Bheeva and another old person is in Salim’s house. Salim asks Rihana what happened to her. The lady tells him about the theft. He looks up and notices his gramophone missing. No! Who stole my gramophone? He asks Rihana how she could let it happen. Why dint you stop the goon? Bheeva tells her that she got pushed in the process. You are questioning her instead of consoling her? Salim asks them if they saw the goon. The old man replies that they came outside when they heard Rihana shouting for help. We looked everywhere but we could not understand anything. Salim sits down in shock.

Sai gets up suddenly which puzzles Madhav. Sai shares that He must go. Salim needs me as his gramophone has been stolen. Madhav offers to come along but Sai tells him he will find out when he needs to be with Salim at the right time. Madhav nods. You dint appreciate his obsession towards the gramophone since the start. You should be relieved as he will get over of it now. Sai says people get over their obsession when they can see truth clearly. He is far away from reality right now. He is still mourning. Such tears reduce the power to see the truth even more. He needs me all the more to wipe his tears right now. He will be able to see the truth then. Sai leaves.


Salim continues to stare blankly. Rihana asks her husband to say something. Ali returns and is shocked to see his father thus. He has heard about the theft and encourages his Abbu not to give up. We will find it or I will work hard to buy one for you. Please say something. Bheeva shares that he is in a state of shock. He must react in any way or it can be dangerous for him.

Santa and Banta are taking the gramophone. Santa is worried what if someone saw the thief. Banta assures him that it isn’t possible. I had hired people who were from other villages. They are already on their way home right now. No one will doubt us. Santa throws the gramophone in the well.

Rihana keeps coaxing her husband to say something. Sai enters just then. Sai pats on Salim’s shoulder. Salim looks at Sai. He hugs Sai and cries. My gramophone! Sai asks him if he gave up so soon. Have faith. We will look for it together tomorrow. You will surely find it. Salim asks Him if he will find it. Sai wipes his tears and nods. Rihana and Ali are in tears.


Sarkar says it cannot be found again. People will get tired while wiping tears from Salim’s face but no one will find it ever! Santa and Banta laugh. It is true. He was trying to match your status! Sarkar laughs. I will see who will respect him now. Hari Om!

Sai pats at Salim’s head. He finally falls asleep. Ali says Abbu dint listen to you (Sai) or respect you since he got gramophone yet you are here. Sai says he calls me His Guru. Guru is like a father. How can a father feel bad about what the kid says? Salim opens his eyes again. He thinks of how rude he was to Sai recently and of all the recent incidents involving Sai and gramophone. He closes his eyes again.

Next morning, Salim wakes up. He looks at Sai. You sat here like this the entire night? You dint sleep just to make sure I sleep peacefully? You must be tired. Sai says it does not hurt when you have to look after your loved ones. Freshen up. We will go to look for your gramophone then. Ali offers to come along but Sai tells him he must stay at home with his Ammi. We will look for it.


Salim and Sai are searching for the gramophone. Salim asks every passerby but no one has seen anyone with his gramophone. A lady tells her friend that now Salim has even lost his gramophone. Salim asks Chandu who shakes his head. Chandu stands up and greets Sai sweetly. He faces a similar experience when he approaches other people. People aren’t even talking to me nicely. Sarkar remarks that they won’t.

Precap: Sai suggests Salim to go to Sakori. It is right next to our village. Maybe the thief went there. Police comes to Salim’s house as Kakasaheb has filed a complaint against Salim. Either complete the order or we will be bound to arrest Salim. Rihana and Baizama are shocked.

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