Mere Sai 17th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Das Ganu starts Gayatri’s sessions

Mere Sai 17th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Das Ganu starts training of Gayatri. Sai watches them thus. Das Ganu holds out a Gyaneshwari. Gayatri asks him about it. Das Ganu explains how important it is to read scriptures like this. You will learn to debate and come up with logics. This book will give you the knowledge that you would need to be a good poet and a good human being. This is the reason why I chose this book. He starts the lesson.


Supaan decides to inform groom’s family before they travel all the way here. They would feel bad. He steps out but notices groom’s family coming. He asks them how come they are early. Mahurat is of afternoon. Groom’s father nods. Our pundit ji has shifted it to morning citing that it is an auspicious time for the ceremony. Please call the bride. Supaan gets tensed. Groom’s parents confront Supaan about Gayatri. We found out from someone that your daughter is missing since yesterday. They badmouth Gayatri and say that they will warn every family not to make ties with your family. Groom’s father tells Supaan not to cheat someone like this again. Push your daughter in a well even if you find her again! He leaves with his family. Supaan’s relatives rue that Gayatri has caused them shame. Ajji wonders who could have informed Rao ji about Gayatri’s disappearance.

Sarkar laughs at his home. It was I who had leaked that info to Supaan. He will burst with anger at Sai now. Fakir wont be able to escape this time!

Supaan breaks down. It’s over. Daughters are the pride of the family whereas my daughter has become the reason for my insult.


Sai says people are blaming it when she is way talented. The talent will shine soon and she will surely be rewarded a prize then. Om Sai plays.

Chandu tells Supaan to be strong. Sai says that problems sort out in the end. We must face what’s in our fate. Supaan says I don’t mind facing problems but one is bound to break if the problems are brought by someone who you treat like a God. Gayatri dint do anything wrong till the time she was with her Ajji in Bombay. She changed the minute she met Sai and even managed to flee the house! Chandu tells him he isn’t able to see the right and wrong as he is in pain but Supaan disagrees. Now even I feel that Sarkar was right about Sai. Chandu blames him instead. You did wrong by fixing the marriage of your daughter who is only 12 years old. She ran away because she was hurt by your decision. It is you who is at fault! Supaan tells him to leave. Chandu says I am going but I will pray that you understand the reason behind Sai’s decision. He leaves.

Das Ganu ends the lesson as the sun is about to set. She requests him to continue teaching her. I will study in the light of diya too. I do not want to stop as I got this chance after so much difficulty. Das Ganu smiles. The responsibility of teacher increases when the student is so dedicated. Let’s turn the diya into sun now. They study inside. Sai smiles sweetly as He cooks for them.
Das Ganu looks at Sai. I don’t understand why you are doing this and in this avatar. Sai says let things be how they are.


Rao ji comes to a girl’s house but the father of the girl asks him if he had fixed his son’s alliance was fixed somewhere else. Rao ji agrees. The girl eloped though. The girl’s father refuses to join relation with them as they hid the truth about his son’s marriage being fixed with Gayatri earlier. What if you are lying to protect yourself? He sends them away.

Gayatri looks at Sai’s sketch. I am able to learn things and grow. I feel as if you are watching me from wherever you are. Madhusudhan Dada seems to be so much like you at times. She lies down after keeping the sketch next to her pillow. Sai and Das Ganu look on. Das Ganu folds his hands. Sai blesses him. Ram ji Bala Karein!

Next morning, Uma serves breakfast to her son. Supaan is sitting on the bed sadly. Ajji walks in and complains that Gayatri has brought shame to their family. It has become so humiliating to step out of the house. Uma says Gayatri might have made a mistake by running away but she wont do anything wrong. One of her sons asks her if Gayatri will return.


Gayatri is enjoying her session.

Supaan pours a bucket full of water on himself outside his house. He tells his son that Gayatri will never return. She is dead for us! I have performed the rites already. Santa looks on.

Sai feels bad and looks at Gayatri. Gayatri tells Das Ganu that she has written another poem. Will you read it? He asks her to read it herself. You will explain to me and to Madhusudhan ji too. Gayatri feels hesitant. I have never read a poem in front of a great poet like you. I have only read it to my Aayi and in front of Sai and few kids once. I wont be able to speak in front of you. Sai says you speak openly in front of everyone all the time. You have to become like Sarojini Naidu then you must not hesitate. This is important for your future. Gayatri says I am worried that you might judge me. Sai says let me introduce you to some audience who will only hear and applaud you. They wont judge you. He plays flute. All the birds and animals come there. Gayatri gets tensed when she spots a snake but Das Ganu nods at her reassuringly. He watches Sai mesmerised. Sai smiles as He opens His eyes. They are well known listeners. They don’t criticize. They only know how to appreciate. They have appreciated my flute with their heart till date. I am sure they will do the same for you today. You can start. Gayatri narrates the poem. Sai thinks that it is time for the world to see her talent. Only one last hurdle is left.


Update in ProgressPrecap: Gayatri has returned to Shirdi. Sarkar instigates Supaan against Sai again and asks Gayatri if she still has something to say. Gayatri notices Sai and feels relieved.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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