Mere Sai 16th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai meets His friend

Mere Sai 16th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai meets His friend

Mere Sai 16th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashaba says Sai’s childhood story ended there and his journey with me started then. Our journey wasn’t long but it was memorable. You cannot forget God after catching a glimpse. I miss Him everyday which is why I came so far to meet Him. Everyone smiles. Baizama tells Ashaba they all are thankful to him as they could find out more about Sai through him. It feels as if we have witnessed every moment with our eyes. Rihana says you couldn’t meet Sai till now though. Rihana says we don’t even know when He will be back. Ashaba says let us celebrate Him being a part of our lives till the time He is back. Everyone smiles sweetly.


Somacharya and Mukhiya are waiting for Sai. Somacharya asks Mukhiya why he has gathered everyone around. Mukhiya smirks when he notices Sai coming there. The devil is here! Villagers are pleased to see Sai. Somacharya insists upon knowing the agenda behind this meeting. Mukhiya says I realized something after what I said last night. Fakir enjoys doing magic. I have given Him a stage. I will trap Him in His plan now. He tells Sai it is good that He is here. I summoned everyone here because of you. He tells the villagers how this Fakir has been trying to stop them from doing the yagya. Some people believe that His powers are pure while others feel that it is black magic. I have a way to find out whether His powers are positive or negative. He will tell us how the problem of drought will be solved if His powers are positive or vice versa. I will ask Him to leave if He fails in providing the right solution. Do you agree? Everyone nods. Sai says I cannot make it rain. Somacharya tells Him to stop instigating the innocent villagers if He cannot do that. You should leave then and let us handle the matter. He asks villagers if Fakir shouldn’t help them if He knows how to change this situation for good. He should help us if He knows the right thing. Does he want us to die? An old man says water is needed to survive. Mukhiya asks Fakir if He is listening. Either make it rain or leave! The one who does not know the solution shouldn’t try to lecture us. Sai says I did say that I cannot make it rain but there is someone who can make it happen. Everyone looks at Sai in confusion.

Sai points at the plant. Worship Mother Nature. Worship Mother Nature with me if you want it to rain! Mukhiya and Somacharya laugh. Mukhiya asks Sai if this is His solution. You really think it will work? Sai replies that He knows that it isn’t easy for the villagers to negate what they are saying but they should pray with Him for once. I am sure we will find the solution. Somacharya mocks Sai. Go ahead and do it. I will do it too. It should rain before the puja ends. We will kneel down in front of you in that case. If not, you must leave this village for good! Sai nods.

Sai turns towards the plant and folds His hands. Please forgive me as people don’t realize your importance. They do not realize that the world was created by making everyone interdependent on one another. Everyone is dependent on one another. People depend on trees that provide them nourishment. People still ignore it for luxuries. Kids don’t understand it. Kids can make mistakes but a Mother can never be upset with Her kids. Please satiate their thirst by making it rain. They wont make this mistake again. He turns to the villagers. Nature is our Mother as per the scriptures. We are Her kids and we will become one with Her one day that’s why plants, animals are our allies. We have disrespected them by mistake. We have sinned by cutting trees. Apologize to Mother Nature for this sin. Promise Ma that no axe will hurt the trunk of a tree ever again in this village! One person asks Sai who apologizes to tree. Sai says I will leave the village right away if things wont work as per His advice. Let me help you though. I am requesting you for one last time. Please repeat after me. Villagers give in.


Sai and the villagers fold their hands as they stand around the plant. Sai says we promise not to cut any tree if it rains. Villagers repeat after Sai. Somacharya and Mukiya look on. Sai looks up. Mukhiya steps forward. Your prayer dint help. Leave the village if you know how to stick to your word! Lightning strikes just then shocking everyone. Sky gets covered with black clouds. Om Sai plays. Sai’s face is made with lightning for a second. It starts raining. The villagers jump with joy. Mukhiya and Somacharya look at Sai in shock. Villagers leave. Somacharya and Mukhiya walk up to Sai. Somacharya asks Sai who He is. I called you someone who performs black magic but a bad person cannot do this magic. It must be a special power whose words are abided by Mother Nature too. Who are you? Sai says I am just a medium through which Ram ji wants to tell you that what you are doing is wrong. Plants are the biggest gift of God. Human beings pollute water and environment by cutting them. Meditate if you want to pray to God. Take care of people. No scripture advises you to cut 100 trees to do havan. Nature is Parvati as per dharma. How could you think that one will be happy while disrespecting the other? Cheating your own people to earn some profit wont help you please any God. Mukhiya and Somacharya kneel down before Sai. Mukhiya says I understand my mistake. I will return every penny that I earned incorrectly. Please forgive me. Sai says who am I to be upset when you have realized your mistake. They fold their hands and bow to Sai. Sai disappears. Somacharya and Mukhiya look around but do not see Sai. Sai pats at the little kid’s head. The kid stops dancing. He looks around but does not see anyone.

Ashaba smiles. He tells Baizama to get the plate ready. We would need it soon. Baizama serves puranpoli in a plate. It is ready. Ashaba says I am only waiting for the one for whom this was made. Let Him come inside. All eyes turn towards the entrance of Dwarkamai. Everyone smiles broadly as Sai enters. Kids run to hug Sai. Sai blesses everyone. He looks at Ashaba and smiles gently. Both friends start walking towards each other and hug.

Precap: Sarkar says I believe that the road must be construced. Forgive Fakir, not even God can change this decision this time. Nanasaheb tells Sai that Sarkar is right. Everyone has tried their best but nothing worked.


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