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Sai shows the bottle to him. This is your medicine? How could churan show this effect? Rishabh asks Sai how the bottles got switched. Sai tells him to look carefully. I am holding your medicine. You became so dependent on it that you dint realize that you immediately felt better after taking churan. No medicine reacts immediately though and you know it too. You felt that the medicine soothed your pain the moment you took it. What you feel right now is related to fear.


Rukmani says wish I could meet Sai right now. Your Azoba doesn’t like it though. Prahalad reasons that he tells him and his Baba not to meet Sai either but Sai says that we should follow our heart. She gets thinking.

Sai reasons that the pain is mental, not physical. You can overcome this pain. I have come to tell you this only. This is the last bottle of medicine. Burn your pain just like I have burnt the rest of the medicines. Burn you negative thoughts and encourage yourself to go on. Rishabh wonders if Sai is right. Is my pain mental? Sai tells him to try and walk without support to find out if He is wrong. Rishabh is sure he will fail. Sai asks him to take the bottle then. You must come to me without any support. I will burn it otherwise. Rishabh requests Him not to do so. Sai encourages him to come to him. Rishabh starts trying. The pain is decreasing with every step. Sai tells him to take it then. I wont burn it. Rishabh nods. He takes the bottle from Sai and pours the medicine in the bowl himself. Sai smiles. Rishabh folds his hands gratefully. I don’t need them now. Thank you so much. Sai says this is just the beginning. You will accomplish many milestones in future. Ram ji Bhala Karein! Rishabh bows his head gratefully. Sai disappears by the time he looks up. He looks at his feet emotionally.

Sai smiles in Dwarkamai. He completes the embroidery of the second rose.


Rukmani prays to Sai. Will my husband be punished for his misdeeds today?

Lawyer presents the report to the judge. The medicines given by Sarkar were made of tulsi. It clearly shows that Sarkar was trying to misguide the people. Judge asks Sarkar if he wants to say anything in his defence. Sarkar asks for some time but judge reasons that the proceedings have been delayed already.

Sai stops in His tracks and turns around. You dint have to do so much of hard work to meet me. I would have heard you if you had called me from your heart. Rukmani walks up to Him. You could have heard me but I couldn’t have heard your reply. I must hear it for myself. I am very worried for him (Sarkar). He has been very mean to you till date. I don’t know how right it is to pray for his safety from you. Sai says we can change our attitude by looking at the attitude of others. Rukmani says I was sure you will say this. Please save him. I wont be able to bear it if anything happens to him. Sai says Sarkar doesn’t know that you are his biggest strength. Everything will be fine. Sarkar says it will be surely fixed now. He glares at his wife. I will fix it through my karmas and my name. Aren’t you ashamed to beg to my enemy? You are a curse! You want me to be disrespected. Sai reasons that a wife does everything to help her husband when he is in trouble. She might have gone against your wish but she meant well. Sarkar tells Him to be quiet. You are the one who trapped me and you are acting like a saint now! I got time to prepare my defence because of that judge while my wife is showing my enemy how helpless her husband is! He tells Rukmani that he wont be helpless till the last breath of his life. You will never have to beg my enemy for my life! Go home now. I will take care of you in the evening!


Sarkar tells Sai that he is capable of earning profits from everyone in every way. Try as much as you want, I will win in the end! He walks away. Sai wishes well for him.

Sarkar says Janardan must reach court on time. Make sure it happens. It is time to show everyone that I am capable of overcoming everything. Hari Om!

Sakharam says (to Das Ganu) I don’t know what Rishabh must be! They stop in surprise as they see Rishabh exercising outside. Rishabh apologizes to his father for all that he had said to him in the past. Rishabh hugs him. You are recovering now. Sai will heal all the wounds like this. I don’t want anything else. Das Ganu smiles. I too have earned a lot of virtues because of Sai. Om Sai Ram!


Third son walks up to Sakharam. He tells Sakharam that he feels that he should also become responsible. Sakharam is touched. It is amazing news if it’s true. I only want you to become a little responsible. He hugs his son. Anhuman looks on. His brother asks Sakharam if he can help him in business from today. Sakharam tells him to start today. He gives money to give to someone. I wanted to send Kaushik but he is busy with preps for the puja. His son nods. He is headed out when Anshuman tells him that he dint expect this from him. His brother says he arranged money for his own personal fun. Anshuman laugh. His brother says I must leave now. It is third day so the third story will be for me only. Baba was telling Das Ganu that I am most irresponsible. I waste his money. What’s wrong in it though? Will he take all this with him? They laugh. He leaves. Ganu overhears everything. How to turn this son for good? Which story should I tell him? Help me Sai.

Sai plays flute. Das Ganu hears the music. He looks around in confusion but doesn’t see anyone. He smiles after a few seconds. This is so beautiful. It feels as if I am in Vrindavan and I am listening to Mohan’s flute. He smiles upon realizing what it is. I have understood your signal and the story that I should tell them in the evening. Om Sai Ram! Sai smiles.

Everyone is seated in Sakharam’s house for pravachan. Ganu says Sai says that we get some relations automatically after birth. We also get responsibilities. Those who fulfil them responsibly get the fruits and those who do not, they get the results too. Today’s story is about Vishnu (father) and Mohan (son).


Few years ago:
Vishnu asks Mohan when he will go to the market for the crops. Mohan casually replies that he will go. Vishnu asks him if the crop was cut yesterday. Mohan says it must have happened. I told Pandurang to check. Vishnu says his daughter’s wedding is due soon. The land is ours but we are able to earn because of his hard work only. Mohan speaks of their status. It is Pandurang’s duty to work for us. Vishnu rues that Mohan dint learn who the real owner of the land is. It is the one who puts his heart and soul in it by toiling hard there. All he understands is his title and what is owed to him because of that title.

Precap: Sarkar shows the report in the court. None of the ingredients used in the medicine were harmful. Sai is telling a story to the kids. One must pay for their misdeeds when the pot overflows.

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