Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 13th November 2021 Written Episode Update Sumit comforts Esha.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 13th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghav on call with his Jewellery client and working in shop, Rupa says Pallavi its lunch time, Pallavi says you go, I will join, Pallavi asks Raghav to eat lunch and come back in half n hour.
Raghav goes out but doesn’t find anything so eats biscuit. Pallavi sees him and calls Rupa.

Raghav walks back to shop, Rupa says Raghav I had extra food eat this, Raghav says thank you I had biscuit, Rupa says that won’t help. Raghav says okay and goes have lunch, he tastes food and smiles.
Raghav says as usual the food is very tasty.


Milind sees Rajni in kitchen and Sulochana going towards kitchen and stops her, and signs Rajni to go hide, Sulochana asks who you were signing, Milind says I didn’t, and Sulu baby where are you going, Sulochana says your behaviour is very suspicious, I have to go inside and check inside, Milind sees Rajni hide and says okay go, Sulochana goes have water.

Amruta and Keerti discuss about Raghav and Pallavi, Keerti says I hope Pallavi forgives Raghav, Amruta says won’t Keerti, because she told me yesterday she called Raghav in shop for punishment. Keerti sees a coconut seller and remembers he is the one who came as doctor while Esha tried committing suicide, Keerti tells Amruta about it, Amruta says if he is doctor ehat is doing here. Keerti says lets check, Amruta and Keerti get him and slap him and asks him truth

Sunny with Esha asks her to calm down, says don’t worry Pallavi won’t forgive him, you do special things for him and comfort him, so that he realises you are perfect.
Pallavi asks Raghav to fold clothes, Rupa says its fine he can do it tomorrow, Pallavi says people and things change very quickly, so it’s better to finish todays work and inform watchman after work is done, he will close the shop, Pallavi leaves.


Keerti abd Amruta walk in shop with the man, Raghav asks what all is this, Keerti says this man came home as doctor when Esha committed suicide, Raghav asks him who paid you to do this.
Esha at home dressed and arranged Raghav’s favourite food on table. Raghav walks in, Esha says I was waiting for you, loom I made you, your favourite dishes to cheer you up, you are upset because of Pallavi right, and why are you starring at me and I am looking good right and touches Raghav, says no one is here, you can tell me, Raghav pushes her and says stay away from me, why did you comeback and destroyed my life so much, Esha says I know you are upset, but you know right I was forced to leave you to save your life and now I am back, it was just situation which brought us together and God wants us to be together, Raghav says shutup with your nonsense, remember one thing I love only Pallavi and this thing you calling love is your obsession, Pallavi helped you buy you ruined her life, and suicide acting, calling fake doctor, great job, enough now, I will fix Pallavi’s fault now, and pulls Esha’s hand

Sunny stops Raghav and says how can you behave with a girl this way, Raghav says leave my hand or your next, Sunny leaves his hand. Raghav throws Esha out of house and closes door.
Jaya and Keerti look at Sunny.

Sumit walks to Esha, offers her hanky and says look again we are together and no one will come to help you, neither Pallavi nor Raghav and I feel bad seeing you in this state, you did so much for Raghav, look what he did for you, I feel bad for you, I know I wasn’t bad husband but trust me I cared for you but seeing you go back to Raghav made me frustration and we wjll fight back, I wjll be with you, Esha asks how. Sumit says I have an idea that will get you Raghav and me money.


Keerti says Sunny you called that doctor right, Sunny says yes but Esha gave me the number, Keerti says but she was acting fainted, Sunny says long back once she said have this number for emergency and she is very strange girl, Keerti says look Sunny I don’t want to point at you but if I find you were involved with Esha, I will never forgive you

Pallavi think’s about Raghav’s leg and puts her hand over diya, Milind stops her and goes get oinment for her, and says I know you are in pain but I think this misunderstood is created, I think Esha is lying, Pallavi says but Raghav confessed, Milind says may be it’s all Esha’s plan and Raghav fell for the trap and so you are, Esha is mad behind him and she can go to any low and all I know is Raghav just loves you.

Pre cap: Pallavi hand hurt, Raghav sees it and asks how did this happened, Pallavi says I was lighting diya.
Esha walks in with police and accuse Raghav if rape.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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