Meet 2nd December 2021 Written Episode Update : Meet Ahlawat makes a promise

Meet 2nd December 2021 Written Episode Update : Meet Ahlawat makes a promise

Meet 2nd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meet Ahlawat sees Manushi in Meet saying what you thought I’ll come back to a person who is coward not having guts to bear rejection and push him back, today infront of you is your dream project which you’ll loose, you are the one who like to be trap in darkness and are scared of moving ahead in life, you cannot do anything Meet Ahlawat you will cry all day because of me and I’ll not miss a bit because you are a losser. Meet Ahlawat says I’m not looser. Meet says you are looser you don’t have courage to move forward in your life your dream project is infront of you but what are you doing being sad because of your heart break, will you be able to move on in your life, do you have courage to forget your Manushi, push him and says no because you are looser. Meet Ahlawat says I’m not a looser. Meet Ahlawat keeps hearing Manushi calling him looser and gets disturbed, he shouts I’m not looser and fall down on floor. Meet shush him and leaves.


Meet at door crying. Meet Ahlawat says again and again I’m not a looser.
Deep come and ask Meet how is he. Meet says you can go in now he can concentrate on his project. Deep walks to Meet Ahlawat, help him to get up. Meet Ahlawat says give me lemon water. Deep give him and taps on his back. Meet Ahlawat shouts I’m not a looser, I’ll show I’m not coward and ask Deep to give water. Meet Ahlawat gets up and pour water on himself. Meet looks everything from outside.

Meet Ahlawat gets ready for his meeting. Deep come with all the documents and laptop and wish him. Meet Ahlawat start his meeting but electricity cuts down. Meet Ahlawat thinks why did the electricity go. Meet standing out the room says I need to do something. Deep says don’t worry I’ll look. Meet Ahlawat think of using mobile hotspot and says it’s an international call video will be blurry on laptop I should try from my phone, his phone also not connects and says everything will be spoiled if electricity dosent come. Meet fixing wire outside. Deep ask what are you doing. Meet says there is an fault in main board need to change it. Deep says then how will we get electricity back. Meet shows him battery car battery and explains him how system will work. Meet Ahlawat stressed, Meet brings back electricity. Meet Ahlawat happy gets back to meeting. Meet says today I won’t let anyone come infront of Meet Ahlawat’s dream. Meet looks at Meet Ahlawat and smiles.

Babita says to everyone after so long my son was happy everyone was so happy for him but look we all are upset. Masum says don’t be upset and where is your daughter in law she could atleast do something but look she is missing, wife’s do so much for there husband but look at her she is useless. Sunaina tries to explain. Meet Ahlawat walks in. Babita ask are you fine. Meet Ahlawat says yes and I understand you all were worried of me but now you can calm because I had a successful meeting. Babita ask how. Meet Ahlawat says this is all because of Deep and thanks him for helping, he help me get ready. Ram and Raj praise Deep. Babita thanks Deep, Deep says this is all because of Meet not me. Meet Ahlawat says what do you mean. Deep explain him everything. Meet Ahlawat in tears. Raj says it must be difficult for poor girl but why did she do so, we heard him accepting Meet. Babita says it was all for Manushi since he was intoxicated he wented out. Meet Ahlawat thinks god what did I do Meet must have felt so bad. Babita says our son kept saying he loves Manushi. Raj says I agree she follow her responsibility but what she did today is not done and why does everyone go blind when someone wrong is happening, why didn’t anyone stop her. Sunaina says I did try but she said his dream is more important and she wanted to see him happy and not break again and so she did even after me stopping her.


Meet looks at her dad’s photo says thanks for being there for me, I’m happy for him. Raj says but I’m not happy for you, everyone in this house wanted you to change but you said nothing because you wanted to be perfect for my son, today you became Manushi to fulfill his dream why did you do. Meet says I know Meet Ahlawat is still in pain and my efforts could can make his dream come true then how can I step back, we all want to bring his happiness so that everyone can be happy. Raj says what about you. Meet says this is my family when family is happy then I’m too. Raj give her blessings and says nothing bad should happen to you.

Deep says to Meet Ahlawat you are doing wrong still chasing Manushi, do you remember what you did when intoxicated, once you said I love you to Meet and suddenly you says I Love you Manushi, can you imagine what she might be feeling, she did everything for your dream, killed her dreams and living with you just so that you sre happy but you tell what you did, you are doing wrong with you and Meet.

Meet pray to God says thanks for Meet Ahlawat’s meeting, but I’m doing wrong frim hiding Manushi secret but what can I do mom gave me swear I cannot break that, dede break his heart for heer greed. Meet Ahlawat call Meet says I don’t know I should be thankful or what but I don’t want to hear Manushi’s name ever, I don’t have any questions for Manushi because I need to close this chapter now, I know I loved her she is in my heart as burning lava, I won’t be able to do anything for my people till that lava is inside me. Meet thinks your lava will keep burning till the time you don’t get closure, I’ll talk to mom to give me permission so that you can meet Manushi.


Masum says Meet did a great job last night, we should give her a gift for that. Babita ask what should we give her. Masum says let’s go and meet her family in person and thanks them for giving Meet to us.

Duggu says to Meet I won’t let you go anywhere. Meet says I’m not going permanently. Duggu says but mumma was saying you won’t be returning back to this house. Meet thinks don’t know what Masum planned this time

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