Kundali Bhagya 16th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Preeta plans to prepare a trap for Prithvi

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Karan questions how can she manage such big business empire of his father when she does not even know how to perform such simple tasks, Karan questions why is she giving him such examples when he doesn’t have any interest, he doesn’t need to understand them, she says he is really irritating, Karan informs he gets irritating after seeing who is standing in front of him, preeta asks if he meant that he gets irritating when she is standing in front of him, karan explains she is no that important and warns her to not snatch the laddo from his father anymore, he tries to leave but then turns back saying that it is said people get fat after eating laddo, Preeta asks him to think before speaking as she has gotten slim, but Karan insists she got fat, she asks how does he know it, Karan informs when he was dancing with her he tried to hold her but was not able, she forcefully makes him hold her, revealing that he is able to hold her now without any problem, she realizes they both are really close, Preeta tries her best to get away from him but he does not let her leave even when she is constantly trying.


Natasha slowly enters the room while Mahesh is eating, she sits on the bed asking how does he feel she looks with karan, she sits down when he yells at her so she runs away.

Sherlin is working in the hall, Prithvi comes from behind and is smiling, she asks if he found a way to ruin Preeta, Prithvi replies that he has found a way to make preeta feel jealous since she got so angry after seeing them both in the room so he feels they should also show her the telecast in the living room, Sherlin reveals Preeta has seen them both together a lot of times so it doesn’t affect them but what would happen if someone else sees them both, she warns him to make a plan about their desire to ruin Preeta, she says that he does not know what he is doing but she is well aware, Sherlin leaves with the tray.

Prithvi sees Preeta walking in the balcony, he thinks now he is going to give her such a shock that she will once again lose, and that thought of wining from her is something else, he asks her to see what he is going to do now. Prithvi calls Karina and Rakhi who are standing at the table, he shows his desire to speak, karina allows him when he informs he knows what happened yesterday was wrong and it occurred because of one wrong decision of Preeta, Mahesh uncle also suffered a lot, even their family got humiliated but they would take care of it but Mahesh should not be troubled, Prithvi reveals that he is in constant touch with the doctors who warned him that no one should go to meet Mahesh uncle, and that he must be served two times and nothing extra, Prithvi suggests Karina can give the medicine but Rakhi will not go there since she get emotional and it is wrong, Rakhi requests him to allow her since she desires to do it, Prithvi disagrees explaining that Rakhi might think he is wrong and strict because Preeta allowed her but she cannot go, this all is happening because of Preeta, Karina can go to him and even Kritika but not Rakhi, she insists that she needs to go and meet him as she will not cause him any problem but Prithvi makes Karina believe he is telling the truth and so when she tries to convince Rakhi, she gets tensed and leaves. Prithvi is exclaiming that he is sure Mahesh will get fine.


Preeta thinks that Mahesh is not that ill so no one can meet him but Prithvi would not be the one to tell anyone who can meet Mahesh, she vows to teach him a lesson.

Prithvi walks into the room while Sherlin is smiling, he says she asked him the reason he was smiling but now he is going to ask her why she is smiling, Sherlin explains she found a solution for the reason which she was really worried, as she said that Sherlin would also be thrown out of the house but Prithvi once again questions what is the plan as she is smiling, Preeta hides behind the door when she hears them talking, Sherlin mentions that she talked with her lawyer who said that if they are able to get the property papers from Preeta then can replace her name with that of Prithvi and so he would once again be the owner of this empire, she asks what does he think of her plan, Prithvi replies it is completely wrong planning, he thought that she would have some brains but never knew that it would such a heinous plan, he says does she think it would be really easy to get the papers from the bank because no one would give them the permission to open the locker.
Preeta while walking in the hall thinks that she got a great plan because Prithvi and Sherlin are fighting because they think that she does not have the papers in the house but what if she brings them to the house, this will give the chance that she needs since when they both would be planning to transfer the ownership, she will file a complaint against them to get them arrested. Preeta wonders how can she transfer this news to Prithvi, if she says it directly then he would become suspicious. Preeta sees Ganesh who informs her that she is being called to the breakfast.

Preeta sits on the table when Karan also comes asking where is Ganesh, Preeta informs that she sent him outside, Karan replies he did not ask her but his family, Preeta replies she is also just informing them, when Sameer also says that they both look really cute, Karan questions what is he saying as he doesn’t like when anyone says he is looking cute he just hates that word, Karina advises them both to have their breakfast, Dadi also asks Rakhi to have breakfast with them but she replies she is not feeling well so would go and rest, Rakhi asks Preeta for her permission, she at first replies Rakhi doesn’t need her permission but then realizes she needs to act like the owner, she feels bad Rakhi had to ask her for the permission and assures everything would be the same as before really soon, she sees Prithvi coming who sits down thinking he know Preeta is really angry to see him in this house, she wonders where is Sherlin since she wants everyone to hear her call.


Preeta receives a call from the bank manager, she questions why is he calling her during the breakfast hour, she is shocked to hear the news regarding the renovation and reveals it cannot happen like this since the locker contains her important documents because of which she is the owner of this property and without them she will be nothing, she advises him to only allow her lawyer to access the locker, and he alone would be the one to give her the papers in her house, she going to the table thinks now Prithvi will surely try to steal the papers, and would surely get trapped in the trap which she has set for him.

Precap: Prithvi tells Sherlin that her and her lawyer’s idea is crap. He says, I am not going to do robbery. I am a businessman, not a thief. She says, fine. If you don’t do it, then I will do it. Kareena tells Karan to steal the property papers that’s in Preeta’s room. Kritika is also there and gets surprised hearing that. Later, everyone is at dining table. A servant gives a file to Preeta saying her lawyer gave it. Everyone’s eyes are on it.

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