Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 24th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Radha gets Mahadji’s son in her house

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 24th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Radha gets Mahadji’s son in her house

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 24th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Baji prepares for a pooja. A man says to the guard tell Balaji that we have a news from something related to Mahadji. Radha asks what is it? He says we found Subhan’s place where he’s staying. Subhan who planned to kidnap Kashi. Mahadji’s elder son Bala Joshi is going to attack Subhan but Subhan has a huge army. Radha says this mean Bala’s life is in danger. We have to save him. Go. Radha asks her guard that she wants to meet Subhan’s man who’s their detainee.


Radha comes to the robber. He screams in anger. Radha goes in his jail. Balaji looks for Radha. He asks Mai. She says I don’t know, let me see. Radha asks them to unchain him. She asks the guards to leave. Radha says you’ve to do one thing. I promise you, you will be released. She tells him the plan. She asks him to walk out.

Scene 2
Pooja starts. Mahadji sits in arti. Kashi comes and says I got all these Geta. I want Mata’s blessings with all the education. Shuibai always protect our kids and give them good education devi maa. Kashi says make my parents never worry Mata Rani.

Balaji comes to Subhan’s area. He says you tried to kidnap my sister and attacked my house. Subhan is about to stab him. The man Radha released stops him. He says we can’t kill him. I was released on this condition. If we leave him we will get a lot of things. Subhban says how? They bring Bala Joshi to Radha. Mai asks Radha what are you doing? This robber was our detainee. Radha says they are our men now. And Mahadji’s son is our key to success. Mahadji says Radha where are you? Radha says they rejected Kashi and Baji’s wedding based on class difference. Now I will use their son to start a new beginning. It starts from here.


Scene 3
Kashi does the arti. Radha also starts arti. Ganga says Kashi here’s your basket. She gives her the flowers. A prick nibs her. Everyone runs to Kashi. She says it’s hurting a lot. Shuibai takes it you. Tai says it will be fine. Her brother sas Ganga don’t bring flowers in the basket.

Balaji says BajiRao will be the new fighter of our army. Let’s see how his training by Guru ji is. Guru ji says I will love to see his fight. But who will fight with him? Balaji says I will. There can’t be a bigger challenge for him. Radha says good luck to both of you. She gives Balaji’s sword to him. The fight starts. Baji gets confused in the beginning but he defends himself. He stops Balaji’s sword. Balaji says well done. A fighter shouldn’t expose all of his tricks. Keep them for the real battle. People chant for Baji. Radha says to Balaji I need to talk to you. Come with me. Balaji goes with her. Balaji comes in. He says this BalaJoshi. Mahad’s son. What is he doing here?

Scene 4
Shuibai applies medicine on Kashi’s wound. Mahad says should I call the doctor? Krishna says it’s just a prick. She’s fine. Kashi says get out of here. Everyone tries to explain me like I am idiot. Mahad ji says who called you idiot? Kashi says go from here Krishna. He says you’re too delicate. She says yes I am and I feel pain. Pricks hurt if they’re of flowers or cactus. Kashi recalls Baji’s words and tha cactus. Shuibai says let the past be gone. Don’t recall the past. Mahadji says our Kashi is too brave. Kashi says it recalls on its own. Kids who cry are also brave. I am not an idiot because I applied medicine. You all appreciate Baji because he’s good with sword. But I will be perfect with my education and wisdom. I will apply medicine. People who want to tolerate pain should. I won’t. Shuibai says no one will call my ladu weak. Mahad says sorry ladu. They all hug her.


Balaji says what is he doing here? Radha says he attacked Subhan to take revenge of Kashi’s kidnap. I couldn’t wait and had to get his saved. How would we answer Mahadji if anything happened to him. So the detainee we had from Chas, I used him to save his life. Balaji says and Subhan? Radha says he ran but that detainee brought him here. I had to release him in order to save his life. He says so much happened and you took such a big decision without me? She says it was time sensitive. He says you did right. He should be treated well. Once he’s well, I will take him to Chas. Radha says no. She takes him to a side and says only tell him that he should come here with his family. I hope they do. He says what’s going on in your mind?

Episode ends

Precap-Kashi says this sword is the worst thing. No one should pick it. Baji says there’s nothing better than sword. Kashi says don’t say unwanted things. It won’t be good. He says what won’t be good? Kashi says go from here? Baji says I won’t. Kashi sticks a leaf on his face and says it won’t remove now because I added glue on it.


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