Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 17th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahadji and Bhavanibai take Kashi’s proposal to Balaji

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 17th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahadji and Bhavanibai take Kashi’s proposal to Balaji

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 17th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kashibai says to Mahadji let’s go to Radhabai and Balaji with Shagun. She was always ready for it. Balaji said no for it. He says Shuibai would never agree. Bhavani says then release her. He says what do you want to say?


Radha brings haldi to Balaji. She says I can’t trash it. Drown it in the river along with my wish. Mahadji comes to Shuibai. He says this is the saree I got for you for the first time after the wedding. The earrings I got for you. Can you leave all of this? You can burn all of these and free yourself from our marriage. Or you have to support Kashi and Baji’s marriage. You’ve to decide in a day. He leaves. Shuibai looks outside. Mahadji says I knew she won’t agree. Bhavani says but we have to convince her. Otherwise Balaji won’t agree. Mahadji says I can put my turban in his feet. Shuibai says that won’t be needed. You won. My wish lost but I didn’t. You can get this marriage done. I don’t agree to this marriage but I won’t go against it either. Mahadji says just do that, that should be enough. we will be taking the shagun there. Bhavani says thank you for this decision. Let’s go get Kashi ready for the ritual.

Scene 2
Krishna knocks the door. Kashi says go from here. Bhavani says Kashi open the door. She opens the door. Bhavani bai and Shuibai come in. Kashi says are you okay? Bhavani says yes we are fine. We had to do the ritual. Shuibai says we have to send the shagun. Kashi says you too? Everyone is in his team now. Everyone has changed. Bhavani says no one has changed. They take her outside for the ritual. Kashi says I don’t want to do it. Mahadji hugs Kashi. She touches all the shagun.

Shuibai met Balajoshi. She said you? He says yes. Do what’s important to stop her wedding. She says nothing is in my hands. He said you can stop it. Do as I say. Kashi plays with her toys. She says baba is getting me married. I told him I don’t like him yet he made me do it. They made me a doll. They’re all pretending to love me. They all care about their friendships, regime and everything. I am a puppet. She breaks all her toys and cries.


Scene 3
Mahadji does the pooja. Ramchandar says all preparations are done. Let’s go. Mahadji makes Bhavani wear her mangalsutra again. They leave with shagun.

Chimaji says I feel really bad drwoning this haldi. He says we have to. Let’s go. Mahadji comes in. He says give this haldi to us. Mahadji says you? Bhavani says we are here with Kashi and Baji’s proposal. Please accept it. Mahadji says if we made any mistake I can take off this turban. Balaji hugs him. He says no. Chimaji comes to Baji and says your marriage is set again with Kashi. Your FIL and MIL came with proposal from Chaskaman. He says my wedding is made fun of. With a girl I don’t like at all. Why is baba doing this. He has to answer me.

Radha says I am very happy. Like I got a new life. I don’t know how to thank. Mahadji says don’t thank me. Let’s start the preparations. Balaji says the entire regime is thankful for what you did. Bhavani says we have to go and start the preparation. Radha says no, let’s eat first. All the bitterness is gone. Radha looks at Shuibai and recalls what she did. Radha says you looked like a proud banker’s wife in chaskaman. Now you look like my younger sister. Shuibai says yes. Bhavani says we are sorry for our behavior. Can we start a new.


Baji says what is happening? Annu says let me tell you again. Your marriage is set again with Kashi. baji says but baba you called it off? Radha says we will talk to him later. Mahadji and his family is leaving. Radha applies haldi on them. She says to Shuibai when you have a will it comes true. I told Kashi I will let her apply tilak when she gets married and now it’s coming true. Shuibai applies kumkum on her. Bhaavni says I would say again. If we made any mistake, forgive us. Radha says you’re giving me Kashi. Everything is forgivable.

Scene 4
Kashi says I am a girl. That’s why my marriage is fixed without even my will. Balajoshi says no Kashi. I wasn’t heard in this wedding and nor Shuibai. I’ve never seen a wedding where marriage is called off again and again and fixed. No one of us could do anything.

Balajoshi says I will stop this wedding.. I will shock baba, Shahu and Balaji. His man says Rani sahiba wants to meet me. Kashi prays that she doesn’t get married to Baji. She prays that she doesn’t get married to Baji. Bhavani stops her. She says when you wish, you wish as per your wisdom but we don’t know if it’s good for our future. You’re too young to understand all of this. Our destiney is already written. You won’t feel bad if you live that way. Kashi says he’s my enemy and will always be.


Episode ends

Precap-Shuibai says to Kashi if you help me you won’t get married to Baji. Baji comes with the baraat. Kashi says let me welcome you. Kashi and Baji get married. Kashibai says I don’t think Baji deserves me. Radha says how do I make you believe he’s the best for you? Kashi says I have a condition.

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