Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 14th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Baji goes to save Kashibai

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 14th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Baji goes to save Kashibai

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 14th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Mahadji shouts where are Bhavani and Shuibai? Where is Kashi? They’re nowhere. He asks Shaama where are they? You are always with them. His men say we are looking around. Balajoshi comes. He says baba I didn’t want to come in front of you. I tried to flee them from here and take them to a safe place. But your men kidnapped them and brought them here by force. I will take them with me. No one can stop me. Mahadji slaps him and says Bhavani and Shuibai have taken Kashi somewhere and it happened because of you.


Scene 2
Kashi, Shui and Bhavani wake up in a shed.
Radha asks Mai to bring kids and Balaji for Baji’s haldi. Mahad’s man says a man came and gave this letter for you. Mahadji reads it. It says, I’ve been waiting for this chance for so long.

The kidnapper says to them I won’t let you go. They’ve to pay a huge price. Mahadji reads you’ve to get me 2000 gold coins. You will know time and place. Mahadji says to Balajoshi it happened because of you. He says I will find them. Mahadji says don’t do anything for them if you care about them a bit. Go to your Rani sahiba. He asks his manager to get the money ready. He says it’s too much. Mahadji says not more valuable then my daughter.

Scene 3
Radha ties a thread on Baji’s hand. She says like me, a new woman would come to your life. Take care of her. You have to be there for her. You’ve to love her. Kashi is tied. Radha says I know how you’ve been truthful in all relationships, you will be truthful to this one too. Let me bring haldi. Baji says I would never love you. Kashi says my life has been ruined because of Baji. I am here because of him too. Keep him away from me please God.


Mahadji’s manager asks his man to take the message to Balaji and Baji that Kashi is kidnapped and she needs Baji. Kashi cries. Baji’s haldi is being done. Ramchandar says to Mahadji the coins are ready. Krishna says we can tell Bajirao. He can save Kashi. He can fight with them. He fought with Suban. He saved Kashi before too. He should just know. Mahadji says Krishna go from here.

Mahadji’s man comes to Saswad and meets Balaji. Radha says where is shagun? He says I came here to ask for help. He tells them everything. He says Mahadji doesn’t know I am here. Balaji says his problem is my problem. Radha says how will they be found? Baji says I will find them. Radha says it’s your haldi time. You can’t go out. Balaji says I will go. You don’t need to go. BAji says I need to go. You said this marriage is my duty, then saving Kashi is my duty. I have to go there for her before you. I will go to find Kashi. Radha says but you shouldn’t leave the house right now. Baji says you just said I will be truthful to this relationship. Even if I don’t love her, it’s my duty to save her. Balaji says if you care about them, you love them too. You take men from one side, I will come with the soldiers from the other side. Radha says you should go with him. Balaji says no, he should be on his own to do his duty.

Scene 4
Mahadji reads the letter. He says I will go there alone with the wealth. NO one will come with me. Mahadji picks the bag. Baji and his soliders are in jungle. He says Kashi fight with them like you fight with me. I will find you soon.


The kidnapper’s man tells him Mahadji has left. HE will be there soon. He’s Balajoshi’s friend. He says Balajoshi you stabbed me. Your entire family would suffer because of you. Your dad will give me wealth now. Balajoshi says to his men go and find them. I have to save my mothers and sister at any cost. Go and find them. Shuibai tries to move. The kidnapper says don’t move. Once I get the money I will leave you all. Kashi looks at the sword. She can’t breathe. Bhavani says give her water. He gives Kashi water and says are you okay? Kashi says I was always okay. I wanted to ask something so I had to pretend to be sick. He says what? Kashi says why all people with sword try to force their methods on others? He says you’re a banker’s daughter, you don’t know about fighters. Your brother is also a fighter. The one who has a sword, has power. Kashi says I am not scared of you or anyone with sword. You should be scared asking for money the wrong way. Baji should also be scared. I am in this condition because of him. He will be sinned and so will be you. He says shut up. He ties her mouth again.

Mahadji comes to the place. A man says give me the wealth. He says first tell me where is my daughter and wives. He says come with me. Baji is in the jungle. Mahadji is brought to the shed. He sees them. He cries. They take them inside. The man says if the money is less we won’t leave the. He checks the coins. They tie Mahadji as well. He says bring him in too. We will ask Shahu Maharaj for more money to leave them. Let’s see. Mahadji says this is cheating. He says this is revenge for your son stabbing me. He’s a cheat. They tie Mahaji too. Baji breaks the wall. Everyone is shocked.

Episode ends


Precap-Baji says they’re my family not livestock. He fights with them. Kashi falls down. She’s injured. Baji is injured too. He falls too. Bhavani comes to Kashi. Mahadji says don’t touch my daughter. You both have lost the right to be her mother. Balaji’s man tells him, Kashi and Baji both are injured.

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