Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 18th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Anu and Gungun’s chocolate moment

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 18th February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anu coming to Akriti and asking her to tally the reports. He asks where were you, we had to send the reports last week, you were busy in personal issues, I also love my family, but we have to do our work. She says sorry, I love science, that’s why I could meet you, science is the language by which we can communicate. He says you should be a writer, not a scientist. He gets Riddhesh’s call. Riddhesh thanks him for giving first aid to Gungun. Anu says I do it for everyone, is Gungun fine. Riddhesh says no, she has high fever. Anu says no need to thank me, I will call you later, I m busy. Akriti hears him. Anu asks what happened. She says nothing. He says it was your uncle’s call. She says I know you answer just family’s calls in working hours. He says you can do work better, you have patience but less focus. She asks what did Riddhesh say. He says nothing special. She says then you would have not talked to him for long. He says he called me to thank for doing Gungun’s wound dressing, he said she has fever. She asks how is she, you would go and see her. He says no, her dad is a doctor, why are you interested in her. they have a talk. He says I love my job, you are ambitious about your career, I m glad to see this. She says wow, you understand me so well.


Gungun asks Riddhesh what did Anu say. Riddhesh says he said he is busy and will take later. She says you are the most busy person, he is saying he is busy as if he works in NASA. Garima gets haldi milk for her. He says no need, I have got medicines. Gungun says I won’t have it, ask Riddhesh to give it to Anu. He goes. Gungun says what was the need for dad to talk to Anu, he said he is busy, like my dad is free, look at his attitude. Garima smiles and thinks she is feeling bad when Anu didn’t talk. Riddhesh gets Anu’s call. Anu says sorry to trouble you at night, I wanted to ask, can I come and see Gungun. Riddhesh says you can come anytime. Anu says we are taught to visit the sick person. Riddhesh says its good teaching, come. Anu says I will come. He thinks I hope they don’t get a wrong meaning. Riddhesh shouts Garima. She asks what happened, Gungun is sleeping. He says Anu has called, he wants to come and see Gungun. She asks really. He says yes, so I m happy. She says it means he worries for Gungun, he cares for her. She says we should let them meet alone. He asks why. She says we should let them talk, if they fight, then okay, they have to get habitual to each other. He asks will Gungun get ready to meet him in private. She says we will make excuses and go out of the room. He says I can’t lie, but okay. Gungun calls out Garima. She says my fever isn’t getting off. Garima says I will make soup for you, someone has come, I will see. She goes and sees Anu at the door. He asks is Riddhesh there. She asks him to come. He says sorry to trouble you at this time, I came to see Gungun. Riddhesh comes and says nice to see you, I can get a call from hospital anytime. Garima thinks he is overacting. Riddhesh says I can get a call anytime and would need to leave. Garima says Anu knows doctors’ lives. Anu says I will not take much time. Riddhesh says I m not asking you to leave, Garima will make tea for you. Garima signs Riddhesh. Riddhesh says I got a call, go and talk to Gungun. Garima asks Gungun to see who has come to meet her. Gungun sees Anu and turns away. He says I think she didn’t like my coming, I will go. Garima says he has come to see you, I will get soup for you and tea for Anu. She goes. Anu asks are you okay, Riddhesh said you have fever. She argues with him.

He asks did you have something. She says no, I will get your scolding. He gives her a chocolate. She asks did you get chocolate for me. He says yes. She asks why. He says we don’t go to see someone empty handed. She says formality. He says we call it manners, you got the cake to my house and didn’t offer me, see I got a chocolate and offered you, we have a difference. She says I m a normal person and you are an idiot. He says you are the first to call me an idiot. She says say thanks. He says I m not an idiot, I m a Phd. She says prehistoric dinosaur. He says you are also Phd, permanent head damage. She says I asked your family to give you the cake. He says I thought they are lying. She says you think a lot, I said that for formality. He says think this is also formality and have it. She says you will show more attitude to me if I eat it, you also had the cake I got. She eats the chocolate. He smiles.

Anu asks didn’t your BF come. Gungun says dad doesn’t like him, I will call him at your house. He says it will be too much. She reminds the deal. She stops him and asks him not to go.


Update Credit to: Amena

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