Kaamna 8th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Manav agrees to celebrate on their victory

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Manav stands up from his position greeting the board members, he looks at Akanksha with disgust before leaving, she wipes off her tears in anger.


Manav is walking in the hall with a sense of victory when Yatharth rushes to hug him, he picks Yatho hugging him, he is not able to contain his emotions, Yatho takes Manav’s mobile informing they are now going to video call, he calls Sakshi mam wishing her, she asks him to not speak so loudly otherwise he would be caught when Yatho explains that there is nothing to be worried about when he is with his father, Manav thanks Sakshi explaining he would not be able to put his position in front of the board with such ease, Manav explains he has started to feel that his son would always be safe when she is around him, Sakshi starts crying, Yatho explains that no one is allowed to cry in their house as it is a laughter house, he informs he is coming to the house after which he is going to inform Sakshi mam and aunti about the rules of the laughter club.

Sakshi mam is standing with the grocery bag when she accidentally drops the list, Khushal’ jee’s wife along with her friend pick it up, they recognize that she came to the house when Yatharth locked himself alone, but they ask what is she doing here and what was the need to buy these groceries, Sakshi reveals that she along with her mother in law are staying in Yatharth house for a few days so she thought she will bring it, she leaves when they both explain they never heard the teacher is staying in her students house, but she might be helping Manav since now he is alone, but who knows what is really going on, they assure they would find out the truth.

Mr Kholkar reads the letter that he who is the founding member of this school has decided that Vibhav Kapoor will be relieved of his role as a director, hearing this Vibhav questions if Mr Kholkar is serious since he is the one from whose money this school if running, Mr Kholkar asks them to get the sign of other directors since it is urgent, Vibhav exclaims he is making a mistake when Mr Kholkar replies Vibhav made a mistake by terminating a responsible teacher but even when he cannot reinstate her, he will make sure it doesnot happen to anyone in the future, they will discuss it outside as he knows that when they hit the mud they themselves get dirty. Vibhav in anger hits the chair.


Sakshi mam returns with the groceries bag when Ekta and Elena rush to take the bags from her informing that neighbours are the one who support them, they start questioning her for how long will she stay here, Elena says what is Ekta saying since she might have come to teach Yatharth and would not be staying here, her mother in law hears them and so rushes to teach them a lesson.

Ekta and Elena question Sakshi if she came here to teach Yatharth or because of Manav, her mother in law opening the door shouts at them to go away, they both question why is she saying this while looking at them when she replies she was saying it to the cats since it is said that whatever someone does the cat still comes in their path, she takes the bags from them, pulling Sakshi into the house.

Manav and Yatharth are playing basketball when Yatharth asks if no one would be allowed to meet him without his permission, Yatho says then Manav should not give anyone the permission, Manav explains it is only till the time he is not strong, Yatho asks if Manav is saying that he is a coward, Manav asks him to sit down explaining that everyone is scared of something, and until they accept the fear, only then can they win it, Yatho shakes his head but Manav demands a high five


Manav seeing Mr Kholkar rushes to him, he thanks him for all the help explaining he did not know how to say it now, and never thought he would take his side, Mr Kholkar replies he must just think that a father helped another father since his daughter vanished from his eyes but he did not do anything, so he just helped her daughter by standing with Manav, Yatharth explains his father is really strong, Mr Kholkar reveals that he is a strong father of a strong son, Manav mentions he can surely say that he is strong because of his son,
Vibhav and Akanksha leaves, Ayesha sees them both so rushes after them and knocks on the door, Vibhav explains that it is not a good time when Ayesha asks Akanksha if she knows the secret behind this sarree, Ayesha warns her to never wear this sarree ever again, Vibhav leaves with Akanksha.

Manav is with Yatho, while Ayesha wishes off her grandfather, Manav thanks Ayesha since without her help they would not have been able to win this fight, Ayesha replies she is glad that her friend won it but now needs a party, Yatho also agrees with her so Manav accepts their request.

Sakshi’s mother in law is blowing the balloons when she explains that she ahs now gotten tired and feels that if she blows anymore then would not be able to do it, Sakshi replies it is good for her lungs, she says how she feels they are staying here for some good reason because people are now starting to talk rubbish like those two women, Sakshi informs she got a call from a boarding school and if the interview goes well they would leave this house, the door bell rings, Sakshi says it would be Yatho so she opens the door, he rushes inside with Ayesha and they start eating, after a while both of them are shocked to see the decoration, Ayesha says to Manav that he said they will plan something but he has already planned it with mam, Yatharth replies it would be the plan of Sakshi mam, she replies this is what he meant with the meeting of laughter club, Yatho says she is the best and he loves her, Sakshi calls her Parth, Yatharth hearing this questions who is he, Sakshi explains he can keep it as his nickname but her mother in law refuses, and even Manav doesnot agree questioning why is she trying to change his name which they kept after a lot of struggle, Sakshi accepts her mistake and sends Yatharth inside.


Manav hears the pressure cooker whistle, he replies she found its rubber as he was not able to do it and now hearing its whistle he feels something good would be served for dinner, Sakshi replies that this is the sign of a good house, Manav recall how Akanksha used to make it, he mentions that in the past this whistle used to blow in their house everyday but now it is just the sound of a progressive house, In the night Manav walks into the kitchen where Sakshi is cooking, she has cleaned the entire kitchen and there is no need for him to thank her, he questions why did she do it since he set the kitchen according to his desire, he is trying to change with the situation and knows a lot has happened in their life, and now if anything changes then he gets angered because of it, Sakshi feels tensed with what he said, Manav leaves the kitchen.

Precap: Yatharth gives the crown to Sakshi mam on women’s day for entering his life and helping him overcome his fears, Sakshi starts weeping, both Ayesha and Yatharth hug her. Vibhav asks Akanksha to come out of the car, he drives off leaving her on the side of the road even when she tried to stop him.

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