Kaamna 29th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Vibhav kapoor comes to meet Manav

Kaamna 29th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Vibhav kapoor comes to meet Manav

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Manav picks the ear ring before Vibhav can take them, she smiles saying they are his, Vibhav asks him to be careful and see who he is hitting, Manav mentions he was just taking his belonging while he was the one who came in between Manav turns to leave when Vibhav stopping him requests if he can see the ear ring, he taking it in his hand wonders where has he seen it before, he recalls that this is the same ear ring which the women was wearing, Vibhav asks if he can keep it when Manav questions what is the reason, Vibhav replies it is because he liked it but Manav replies he is glad Vibhav liked it but this is too personal as they belong to his wife, however Vibhav exclaims he will give the money which would be greater then their value, Manav replies he was mistaken as Vibhav knows the difference in quality but anyone who constantly sets the amount doesnot seem to know the worth of any item.


Chokse jee along with Jaspal greet Ranay, Chokse asks Vibhav to come and sit down when Ranay questions how will he be able to stay here as they will go to his bungalow however Chokse exclaims that pooja is going on however Vibhav replies he has not come for the pooja but to meet the officer, Chokse exclaims that he thought Vibhav has met him pointing towards Manav, however Vibhav is shocked and so sits down on the chair when Chokse goes to Manav asking him to come as it is something which will benefit him, Manav asks Amita to go and give this to Akanksha as she also left the ear ring, Vibhav seeing this is glad that the women he likes is not the wife of Manav as who would be able to live with such a man.

Yatharth is constantly asking Akanksha for permission to go and play with however she orders him to go and study, there is someone at the door when Yatharth thinks that it is Vinay however asks Amita where is Vinay, she hands Akanksha her ear ring and purse mentioning that she left it downstairs, she asks if Akanksha is fine when she replies that she is and shuts the door, Akanksha asks Vinay to go to his room and study since he has been playing for the past week, he leaves when she goes to the kitchen and sits down crying after the spice drops over her.

Akanksha is weeping, she recalls how she was participating in the Miss Indore when she said that she would not settle for any less as she only wants to meet someone who would fulfil her desires and also that she only wants to meet him, her father encouraged her saying she should only desire for the best and work towards it, her mother said she should not have given an answer like this as even the judges did not like it however her father replied that she should not be worried, her sister also preferred the answer of the other participant but at the end when the winner was about to be announced, they declared Akanksha as the winner which is when her father exceed that money has a lot of power and he had bought the judges.


Chokse jee takes Manav to Vibhav mentioning he is like a celebrity just as the women who have their competitions and he would be the winner of them all, Manav mentions he just met him two minutes ago and did not know he was a celebrity otherwise would have taken his autograph, Chokse jee it is nothing to joke about but a blessing as he has come to meet Manav, Vibhav exclaims he is not a celebrity but requires his signature over the file of Kapoor construction file as the work is pending when Manav exclaims that it would be as they have not followed the rules, Vibhav exclaims he doesnot follow any rules, Chokse also exclaims people like him tend to make the rules however Manav exclaims he cannot fo any signatures over the files because he is not like that and if Vibhav wants his project to progress without any worry then should follow the rules as then he would not need his signatures, Manav leaves, Vibhav turns to leave when Jaspal exclaims he has just been transferred here but is a family man as his old colleague described him. Vibhav exclaims he knows if a man can be bribed but he knows Manav is not like that so it would be easy to bribe him, and he would only sign the papers on Monday.

Manav enters the house when he worried as he cannot see Akanksha, he going to Yatharth asks what is he doing as his eyes are somewhere else while he has a book placed Infront of him, he asks Yatharth if Akanksha scolded him, demands the reason but Yatharth says he cannot reveal it as Maa warned him to just study, Manav exclaims they will go to Museum as today is Sunday so they should enjoy, Yatharth is worried if Akanksha would agree but Manav assures she will agree to any knowledge based trip.
Vibhav is talking to the portrait of Akanksha exclaiming he felt worried after seeing the same ear rings in the hands of Manav, as for a moment he tho9jhgt she was his wife but he was relieved when he came to know who the real wife of Manav is, he wonders what name should he give to her, he finally settles at Kamana as she is his desire, he hears Ranay trying to stop someone, Devika entering the room when Vibhav asks what is going on, she says she wants to ask this from him because he is not answering her calls, Vibhav asks if she forgot they got in a fight when Devika questions every couple gets in a fight but it doesnot mean they have broken up, he asks her to come and sit down while sending Ranay.

Manav comes to Akanksha questioning what happened to her, she replies her stomach was upset so she came back, he questions if she has taken the medicine when she agrees. He exclaims he did not know she actually won the miss Indore competition as he always thought she was really beautiful but never imagined she would have actually won it, Akanksha exclaims what is the big deal if she won a small competition, Manav exclaims he wants to know everything associated with her but Akanksha turning back exclaims they would never talk about this topic in the future.


Precap: Manav asks Akanksha if she likes the dress however, she refuses to buy it, he tries to know the reason, but Akanksha leaves which worries him. Manav is in the car with Chokse sir, he realizes they are going to the house of Vibhav Kapoor, Manav sits Infront of him.

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