Kaamna 24th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Akanksha is not interested in keeping relations with her mother or sister

Kaamna 24th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Akanksha is not interested in keeping relations with her mother or sister

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Akanksha is shocked to see her mother who asks if she would even call them into her house, Khushal jee questions who them are both when her sister reveals she is the elder sister of Akanksha while this is her mother, Khushal jee in excitement exclaims that he would arrange for the refreshment but seeing Akanksha he leaves for his office, she opens the door of the flat asking them both to come inside.


Mr Kapoor sees Akanksha on the television when he throwing the remote goes to Ranay asking she was right in front of him at the pooja then how is it possible he did not see her, Ranay apologizes saying that he was not able to see her, Mr Kapoor exclaims this means he has made a mistake so himself knows what he must do, Mr Kapoor going near the television takes the photo of Akanksha when Ranay tries to stop him, Mr Kapoor exclaims that this is against his rules, he asks what is in his pocket when Ranay reveals they are empty, Mr Kapoor exclaims this is why he should put these values in his pocket as it is a matter of love so he can do it, Mr Kapoor leaves.
Akanksha’s mother while standing in the house exclaims that she thought after all those years she would ask her to come and sit down but she has not even bothered to ask her anything, Akanksha questions how did she get the address of this house, her sister exclaims that she got the address because Manav called her and even she texted her however their was no reply, she explain they have come here to help her set her house and even brought the food for her, her mother exclaims that now she has also come to live in Indore, Akanksha exclaims it is temporary as Manav would surely manage to get himself transferred within a year, her mother mentions there is a lot of difference between Manav and her father who always used to give the bribe to get the transfer but Manav might not be able to do it, Akanksha exclaims she is sure he will do it when her mother warns her to not be so adamant that she ruins everything. Akanksha asks her sister to see, their mother is the same as before, she desires to control each and every string and is even now judging her, Akanksha’s sister exclaims this is not the case as even Maa desires to be happy, Akanksha picks up the box to leave when her mother questions why does she not want to live in Indore, Akanksha replies because she lives here along with those who are like her, there is also one other thing, that Papa is not alive and she should stop saying bad things about him, just because she cannot see to fulfil her dreams and her father always wished to fulfil them, she must stop saying bad things about him, he was the only one who cared for her and after his death she feels all her dreams has also died, her mother exclaims she also loves her but Akanksha always though of her advice as something wrong because even if the medicine is bitter it is necessary for the cure, Akanksha leaves saying she needs to go and meet her friend Rhea.

Akanksha’ s mother standing exclaims she is still running just like eight years ago, she thinks how Akanksha ran away at the wedding day, she came into her room but got shocked because she was not there and even her sister came asking where Akanksha is because her brother-in-law is waiting dressed as a groom. She asks why Maa is still thinking about those things because she feels Akanksha made the right decision as she seems happy however her mother exclaims, they can never do anything good for Akanksha as she is just like her father, so she asks her to come with her as she no longer wants to stay in this house.

Akanksha sits down on the floor crying her hearts out, Manav in the office wonders what has happened because she is not answering her call, Akanksha while pouring the water thinks of the night when she was getting ready as a bride and her sister came to advise her why is she so careless with the dress, she then told her that her brother in law also really likes her, he takes care of the family business but she responded clearly that she has no interest in marrying him because he has the same middle class thinking, her mother entering mentioned even they are a middle class family because the luxurious which her father also provided were on loan, now he has passed away but left them with a huge debt so she must marry him. A girl comes calling them as the barat has arrived, they both leave when Akanksha changes her dress, she thinks her sister has accepted this family, but she will not do the same and cannot live like this, she then ran away. Akanksha suddenly realizes that Manav is calling her so attends it, he reveals good news that he talked with his boss who assured he will try to get the bungalow from Jaspal but if he is not able to, they can then hire any house which they like. Akanksha questions why he gave their address to her sister and mother, he asks how she came to know, clarifying that when they will come to meet her she will feel really nice, she explains that he can hear from her voice how well she is feeling as they had already come to meet her. She ends the call-in anger.


Nariyan Kaka comes mentioning that Jokhse sir is calling him, Manav asks if he called him, Jokhse sir mentions Kapoor industries means Vibhav Kapoor and he is the president of the real estate association so how did he reject the file, Manav explains he would have to reconsider his architect plan because he first sought the permission for a thirty story building but then is planning to build a fifty story, He assures he has thought about the decision, Jhokse sir exclaims that he knows this when Manav requests to go home early because his wife is alone so he feels to spend some time with her.

Mr Kapoor goes to the site when the in charge exclaims that this time their building would also be completed early from the deadline but there is just a problem with the file, Mr Kapoor explains it cannot happen as everything can stop but not their project, he asks Ranay to find out who stopped their file and punish him, a car stops and a lady stepping out exclaims he should be the one who is punished because he has wronged everyone, Vibhav exclaims she cannot live without him so has come after him.

Akanksha questions why did he come early on his first day because what would the colleagues think of him, Manav exclaims that they all know he loves his wife a lot, she asks if he cares so much then why did he not tell her about her family, Manav assures that he forgot to tell her because her sister called him in the night and he could not hide the address from her even when they live in the same city, however she is still really mad, he exclaims he only remembers her.


The women asks Vibhav why is he pretending to care for her sister when they all know that he has snatched her property, Vibhav exclaims he is not scared of the fake threats because people like her did not even care to meet her and now are demanding the property, she exclaims she will call the court to this working site if he doesnot come to the hearing, she even threatens him and then leaves, he smiles waving at her.

Precap: Akanksha while washing the dishes mentions the night when she ran to meet him was the worst night of her life, Manav is stunned to hear it, Akanksha is walking with Yatharth when she drops her earing, Vibhav sees it and is about to pick it up when Manav takes it, Vibhav asks to have a look at it then requests if he can keep it but Manav exclaims it is too personal for him as this belongs to his wife, Vibhav is shocked to hear this.

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