Kaamna 17th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Manav gets restless after taking the bribe

Kaamna 17th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Manav gets restless after taking the bribe

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Manav stops his car, he in a state of tension walks to the apartment and starts ringing the bell, Akanksha goes to open the door exclaiming who is in such a hurry, she calls his name however he just rushes inside even pushing her aside, she is constantly questioning him about what is going on but he is not answering, she sits down on the sofa exclaim he has gotten mad, he with a trembling voice exclaims he has got it, she says if he has brought a sarree to cheer her up then she doesnot want it because she cannot forget the way he shouted at her, Manav throws the bundle at her, she opening it questions if he has taken a loan from someone but he reveals that it is bribe, she is shocked to hear it, she asks if he took it, Manav exclaims he had to take I, she with a laugh hugs him exclaiming he has finally done it because the great Manav went against his rules for the sake of the bungalow but just for her, she exclaims whatever he did it for but she knows he would not have even counted it, he reveals they are fifteen lacs, she says that she is really excited because he has taken the right step for them, Manav sits down on the sofa, she asks what is he so worried about when he replies he has not brought any medal but committed a crime, Akanksha holding his hand exclaims that now he must not be so tensed because this is nothing wrong as everyone takes it now days.


Akanksha bringing the water exclaims that she will now buy expensive things and jewellery however Manav asks her to not see such dreams since this is the last time he has taken any bribe, Akanksha sitting with him asks him to not say it as a bribe since this is just a processing fee, as then he would not have any problem, Manav replies even if they change the name of a bullet to rose it still kills a person, the problem is not in the name but what it causes, Akanksha asks him to not think so much about it as he has done a right thing the first time, he has given this because he first broke her heart but must not worry since this is the beginning of her luxurious life which her father thought about her, she asks him to not think so much and advises him to accept the money because if he respects Lakshmi today then it will keep on coming, she is sure that the bungalow would be good for them, now they will buy the bungalow from Vibhav Kapoor, she starts picking the money asking him what he would like to have in dinner, she however says that she is instead going to make a surprise for him, Akanksha requests Manav to cheer up, she hugs him when he is crying thinking how he always used to exclaim that he would never take any bribe but also said that a person who takes the bribe was never honest.

Vibhav while laughing sits down exclaiming he heard that a woman can make her husband do anything but her problem made him forget his rules, Vibhav explains that when he saw Manav caring for his wife in their party then he knew Manav would be able to do anything but he instead just did whatever he could, even if his Kamna did it, he was the one who put the sword in her hand. Vibhav explains that he wants to say it to Akanksha how he was the one who broke her husband, but very soon would also take his Akanksha from him and make her into his Kamna.

Yatharth is playing cricket with his friends when one of them exclaims he is going to hit a six however Yatharth manages to take his wicket, Vinay explains Aarav was not even able to see it, Aarav says he would be a nice bollar since he takes coaching but Yatharth explains he never takes any coaching, Aarav replies he heard his father saying that now Manav is going to lose his wicket which means he plays cricket so Yatharth takes coaching from him.


Akanksha in the kitchen prepares a special dish for Manav, she exclaims she has become a chef, so mentions how the risotto rice are really good, the door bell rings when Yatharth is at the door, she asks if he smells it, when he asks what perfume is she wearing, she exclaims she has made it, she shows him the Italian meal which she has prepared, he immediately demands more dessert after tasting it but she asks him to first freshen up, Yatharth asks where is Manav, who is sitting in the darkness recalling about how he has taken the bribe. Yatharth exclaims he knows that the electricity bill has come, Akanksha asks them both to come since the dinner is ready, Yatharth once again questions if he also plays the cricket since the son of Khushal was saying that he got out on the first ball but Akanksha exclaims that he has hit a six, Yatharth exclaims he would become just like his father when Manav says that he will never do what he has done today. Akanksha asks them both to come at the dinner table.

Manav is sitting when Akanksha exclaims does it not seem like an expensive dinner when Manav gives a small compliment, she starts revealing the price explaining that had they gone to any restaurant then they would have charged them a bill of six or seven thousand rupees, he has not even given her any compliment when Manav asks her to first serve Yatharth who is really eager, Akanksha texts Vibhav Kapoor saying that her husband has arranged the money for the bungalow so when can she come to meet him, Vibhav replies she can come to his office tomorrow and there is also another party, he is informing her since her husband did not tell her the last time, she agrees, Akanksha sees that Manav is not eating anything.

Manav is really restless in the night, he is having bad dreams about what everyone said that he has also taken a bribe, he sits up looking at the wardrobe, Akanksha questions what has happened, he says that he is looking for the money, she assures they are safe when he suddenly goes to the washroom and starts vomiting, she exclaims he might not have been able to digest what he ate from outside, Manav replies it is the bribe and he knows one thing for sure, one can get anything from bribery but not a calm and composed life.


Manav is looking at the money when he starts hallucinating, another Manav sys where is he going because now he has also taken the bribe and will not be able to roam freely, everywhere he will go, they will say that he is a thief, Manav wakes up in a state of tension.

Precap: Akanksha exclaims she is also going to bring a new shirt for him since they need to go to the office of Vibhav Kapoor as it should seem the owner of the bungalow is taking the ownership, Vibhav exclaims he would be the secret Santa of someone on this Christmas, he orders to make him get in touch with the biggest diamond merchant of Indore. Manav asks Yatharth to tell Aarav that his father got saved from the run out.

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